Hair Care Tips To Convert Coarse To Fine Hair


Hair Care Tips To Convert Coarse To Fine HairWe all want hair that is smooth and silky but often this is a dream that remains far from reality. If you have coarse hair then it almost seems like an impossible task. But there are a few extremely non-expensive home remedies that will help you relax your coarse hair and make it silky and fine at the same time.

Easy and Effective Coarse Hair Solutions

If you are tired of coarse and thick hair, then try these effectivel tips that will in time convert your coarse hair to fine strands that are easy to manage, easy to control, and easy to style.

Consult a Hair Specialist

Check with the suggestions an expert gives you. Hair stylists can help you understand your hair type better and allow you to achieve your dream of fine hair easily through hair trimming or thinning scissors that can cut down on the coarseness of your hair. You can also consult and discuss options such as chemical hair straightening or the use of relaxer that allows you to change the natural coarseness of the hair within a few hours.


Using alkaline-based shampoo helps you retain moisture. While choosing a shampoo from the rack, make sure that you avoid shampoos with body building ingredients such as shea butter, coconut oil, wheat germ oil, or macadamia nut oil.

how to make coarse hair fine

After shampooing, do not pile the hair on the top of your head as this will tangle your hair further.


Opt for super-moisturizing conditioner that is water based. Deep conditioning treatment on a weekly basis is mandatory. For best results, wrap the conditioned hair in a towel and allow the hair to absorb the nutrients of the conditioner. After approximately 20 minutes, rinse the hair with lukewarm water. Once done, always use a towel to blot the hair dry. For better protection, apply hair serum.

Blow Drying

If you want to make your look fine, make hair partitions and blow dry the different sections with a low heat blow dryer. For best affects, use a diffuser and always point the blow dryer nozzle down the shaft. This will flatten the hair cuticles.

Flat Iron

One can also use flat iron to create a fine look. Before you start using the flat iron, run some moisturizer through the hair to hydrate the strands and smoothens the hair cuticles.

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Avoid using too much hair moisturizer, as this might make your hair look too greasy and oily.

Homemade Hair Products

Coarse hair is difficult to control and convert. To make things easier, make a hair spray using water and oranges. Spritz your hair with this spray avoiding the strands from becoming too dry. One can also make homemade conditioner that will treat your hair and make it bouncy and shiny.

To make this conditioner, heat some rosewater and stir in jojoba oil, lavender or sandalwood oil, and Vitamin E oil. After the oil and the water mixes together, cool it at room temperature. Use this homemade conditioner concentrated on the cuticles. Using this regular basis after shampooing makes your coarse hair manageable.