Hair Care Tips To Take Care For Fringe Ends


hair care tipsCaring for your hair is tricky and caring for the hair ends, often called the fringe ends, is trickier. The fringe ends are the oldest part of your hair and often the most delicate part. Taking proper care involves catering to proper maintenance steps and ignoring this can often lead to a variety of hair problems such as dry, rough, and split hair problems.

Hair Care Tips For Fringe Ends

Leaving the fringe ends uncared for can be detrimental for your hair; hence, here are a few tips that will help you nourish and moisturize the fringe ends healthy.


While shampooing, massage your hair ends properly. Start from the hair ends and slowly work towards the root. Avoid shampooing on a regular basis as it can dry out the hair strands and make it look dull.


Shampooing should always be followed by conditioning. For maximum nourishment, apply extra dollops of conditioner to the fringe tips. Let it sit for some time before rinsing out the conditioner with water.

Deep Conditioning

Using a regular conditioner is good but once in a while always deep condition you hair to lock maximum moisture into the hair ends. For best results, cover the hair with towel or plastic cap – this allows the conditioner to work into the strands and get absorbed into the hair. After 30 minutes of sealing off the moisture, wash it properly. Done on a weekly basis, deep conditioning can make your hair soft and supple.

Hair Serum

Tips TO take Of Fridge Ends

Apply serum after washing the hair. The roots will be replenished by this and also make the hair ends healthy and soft.

Hair Trimming

Get your hair ends trimmed every six week; this will make the ends healthy. Regular trimming is important because ends can split and cause permanent damage to the hair.

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One of the most important hair care routine is the brushing or combing part as this can often tangle and damage the hair. For minimal damage, use a wide-tooth comb that can help you distribute the conditioner into the hair while detangling the knots.

Homemade Hair Care Packs

At regular intervals, make hair packs to nourish your hair ends. Most of these packs can be made using regular kitchen ingredients such as papaya, milk, honey, and castor oil. One of the popular fringe hair nourishing pack can be made using ripe mashed papaya mixed with yogurt.

Homemade Hair Care Packs

Slather this paste onto the hair and scalp and after 30 minutes wash it off with cold water. Another prominent home hair pack for fringe ends can be made mixing honey and curd. This pack can be left on the scalp for approximately 20 minutes before washing it off.

One can also use a mixture of egg yolk and almond oil. This nourishes and moisturizes the hair ends. Other popular hair packs include the use of beer that nourishes hair follicles; black lentils that can be mixed with fenugreek seeds and curd for healthy fringe ends; and milk and cream that can be used to moisturize and avoid dry follicles.