Hair Color Conditioners And Protectants

Hair Color Conditioners And Protectants

Taking good care of your hair is an important routine and a vital part to maintain ones beauty. The care becomes important specially when you have recently got your hair colored and want to make it look good for long. The procedure that completely transform your hair from dull brown to romantic chocolate brunette or from graying to absolute black seems like magic. But the truth is that entire chemistry makes your hair dry, rough and eventually your hair starts looking drab.

Choose your Hair Product Carefully

Maintaining hair color should be more of fun and not stressful. If you have spent hours of your valuable time and loads of money to get that exciting look in your hair. It should result in something unique and that is only possible by choosing a stylish product, and having accurate knowledge of what products are being used at the saloon. Next comes the post coloring procedures and treatment for your colored hair. Here is a list of Color Conditioners & Protectants for gentle care of your colored hair.

list of Color Conditioners & Protectants

Suave® Professionals Color Care Conditioner

This product has been salon proven for color treated hair, conditioning is very important on colored hair to protect the color from fading. The conditioner nourishes the hair and also protects it from any further damage.

Hair Color Conditioners And Protectants

It comes enriched with an advanced formula and anti-oxidants that locks the color in the hair. Conditioners are easily usable, all you need to do is apply on your hair leaving the scalp and massage gently. Rinse well, for best results make use of Suave Professionals Color Care Shampoo.

Quantum Color Protect Conditioner

Color treated hair need extra care and Quantum conditioner makes use of super hydrating vegetable proteins to offer vibrancy in color hair. Vegetable proteins restores the strength, softness and radiance by properly hydrating the roots.

best color protecting conditioners

It also contains sunscreen that not only protect hair damage but also repairs the damage that has been done with the chemicals available in the hair color. Right PH balance and EQL-3 work well on all hair types.

Redken Color Extend Conditioner

You spend so much to get your hair colored and would not want it to fade away that easily. Here is a color extender that can give a long life to your colored here and it does what it claims.

hair color conditioners

It makes your hair vibrant, combats dryness and makes your hair very smooth by keeping the color fresh. The conditioner features micro-net, Cranberry oil, Ceramide, UVA & UVB filters and interlock protein network that gently cleans you hair and seals the hair color for maximum shine.

Matrix Color Smart Protective Luminating System Conditioner

It is a perfect product not only to protect your hair color but also strengthens your colored hair. Try various hair styles and the conditioner will take care of your hair, it gives intense shine and protects all shades from fading too early.

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It contains positively charged agents that repairs damages and prevent color loss while. For best results use color smart shampoo and small amount of conditioner can solve the purpose of protecting your hair color.