Hair Color Trends 2013 For Women

It is a fascination for most of the women to have their hair dyed to a different shade, dark or light. Hair streaking or full coloring has been in fashion since a long time.

It gives your hair a completely new look which complements your skin tone and makes one look young. Different shades also add depth to the haircut you are sporting. Here are the latest trends of hair coloring that are becoming popular for 2013. Go through them and make your pick: –

Hair Color Trends For Women


Ombre or surfer strands, is colored using a shade or two lighter to your hair. The hair is colored leaving about an inch near the scalp and finishing it to the tip. It forms a natural gradient of the original shade of your hair. It is dark near to roots and gradually lightened starting from mid shaft. This look is seen sported by various artists on red carpets for more than 6 months now. It looks well on most tones of skin to give a young look.

Color On The Tips

It is also called dip dyed look where color is evenly or unevenly used just on the tips of your hair, leaving the entire portion with natural color.

hair color on tips

It is not necessary that the tips are colored using a shade from the original; you can get a funky look buy adding hues of an absolutely different shade like purple or blues. This has been in trend for a long time now and no one is foreseeing it going out of trend for a while now.

Halfway Blonde And Brunette

The shade halfway between blonde and brunette, also called ‘The Bronde Shade’. To get the exact shade, different volumes of hair are picked from the top layers and then hair colors are used in different quantities to get the desired look.

Halfway Blonde And Brunette

It is necessary to pull off this shade with caution as a miss may lead to your hair looking like a missed colored hair trying to grow back to original.


Balayage is also called the sweeping look, for a) the brush is swept across your hair strand for the look and b) the gradient of one shade gives the swept look. It is also a great way to color grey hairs, as full coloring is not required; shading the hair does the trick.


Different from the traditional foiling and coloring technique, this color gives a good finish to short and medium length hair. Balayage was earlier popular among the starts of the 80s, but has recently popped back on the fashion chart.


Recommended only for women who are highly experimental or have absolutely cool tones; with peachy or pink complexion and blue or pink undertones. Think thrice before getting your hair bleached.


If you have dark hair, the roots will soon start to grow dark and thus will require high maintenance. Also before finally taking the decision, try on a platinum wig for the way you may look after getting the platinum look on.