Hair Cuts For Teen Boys


Hair Cut For Teen BoysStyling a teenage boy’s hair is no rocket science. Learning about the best hair cuts that befits your face best is the ultimate deal.

And if you have learned about that already, you can throw your hat in the ring. Before going to any salon or any stylist, pitch for a few hair style ideas available across the internet. Before settling for a particular hair style, picture yourself in the same hairstyle to know whether or not it suits you.

To tell you the fact, under a non-suiting hairstyle, your looks may get spoiled and you will stand no other options to wait for the hair to grow in its own course.

Short Hair Styling

Shorter hair doesn’t leave you room for much styling. May be the short hair wants a rather simple hair cut. If there is a buzz cutter applied, the hair is already chopped thin so not much hair is left for styling. You can manage your hair with a few strokes of hand simply.

Long Top, Short Haircut

On your short hair, you can apply the style faux hawk, which is akin to Mohawk where your hair sticks straight up, instead of falling down around the neck. It leaves a Hawkish look at the back side of hair. With application of hair spray or gel, your hair can be held in place.

Some Other Short Hair Cut Ideas

Crew cut hairstyles, Buzz cut hairstyles, Flattop hairstyles, Butch cut hairstyles. All these hair styles carry cool, casual and graceful look. So highly recommended.

Crew Cut Hairstyles

Where the hair is cut really short above the head. This is alternatively called Army hair cut also.

Buzz Cut Hairstyles

Those that are done with electric clippers. And forward brushing is suggested.

Flattop Hairstyles

In this haircut, the hair is little spikey over the head and is given a flat surface. At the top, there is a graduation done in length too.

Butch Cut

In every angle of the head, the hair is cut really short. The top and upper has an uniform length and towards the bottom, there is graduation done.

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Medium Hair Styling

Medium hair measures around an inch which could be styled in many different ways. Some may toe the simple lines and comb it back while some would likely to apply gel for a wet look.

Medium Hair Styling

Teen boys with medium hair can keep the front of their hair short and spike up for a stylish look. In turn, all the hair in the front can be smoothed down avoiding sticky strands.

In this case, you can keep the front of your hair a little long so that it seems to cover your one eye. Smoothening down the hair renders a sophisticated look and there is no mess to be seen.

For medium hair, you can lay your hands on the styles like: the loose straight hairstyles, the wavy hairstyles, the Mohawk spikey hairstyles, the shaggy hairstyles, bowl cut hairstyles, mullet hairstyles, mad hairstyles.

Long Hair Styling

Have you long hair as compared to the other boys and you like to flaunt it with style? There are many hair style ideas laying ahead for you to pick as opposed to the limited options for short hair.

Long Hair Styling

Styling the long hair is a bit tricky because a wrong run of scissors can lead you into a girlish look. So for a better deal go to a better stylist. But do your own research at home before that.

Mostly, layers look good on long hair. Go for shaggy tousled look, emo hairstyles, dirt bag or girly boy hair.