Hair Loss Due To Weight Loss Surgery

weight loss surgeryIncreasing body weight will hurt anyone in many ways. There will be plenty of people who want to decrease their weight. Weight loss surgery is a nice way to decrease the weight.

Many people who have finished weight loss surgery said that they faced hair loss after the surgery. Hair loss due to weight loss surgeries can happen but not always. After the weight loss surgeries, some people will lose their hair slightly, some people will lose the hair seriously and some people will have no problem with their hair.

Why Hair Is Going Away?

The reason of hair loss after the weight loss surgeries is not one; there are plenty of reasons behind that. Hair loss is not only the after effect of weight loss surgery; it can happen after any surgery in which anesthesia is involved. At any point, almost 90% of our hair will be in growing stage and the rest will be in a resting stage.

Hair loss

The hair in resting stage will be lost after a period of two or three months and new growing hair will take its place. When anesthesia is used, 30% of our hair will become resting hair. When this happens, we will lose more amount of hair after the period of three months. If the hair loss happens in this way, it will come back to normal after a short period even without any treatment.

Other Reasons

In some people, quick loss of weight can result in hair loss. The weight loss surgeries will decrease the weight quickly and this will result in hair loss. We can’t completely cure hair loss in such situations, but we can control it by controlling the speed of weight loss. This can be done by the correct intake of caloric food. This can do good for heart and other organs too.

Hair Loss And Nutrients

Most of the people are not able to get proper amount of nutrients after weight loss surgery. Hair loss can happen if proper amount of nutrition is not available for the body. This type of hair loss is more common after gastric bypass surgery when compared to lap band surgery. Gastric bypass surgery will decrease the absorption of protein and vitamin B and this will result in severe hair loss.

Hair Loss

This same condition can happen in other weigh loss surgeries because of the controlled diet after the surgery. The only cure for this type of hair loss is the proper intake of nutrients. Maximizing the nutrition can decrease the hair loss. It is better to consult a doctor and learn how to decrease the hair loss with the help of proper nutrition.

If the diet is limited after the surgery, you can consider protein drinks. You can also consume unflavored protein products. There are some shampoos, conditioners and herbal products that offer you some help to prevent hair loss.

Is The Weight Loss Surgery Risky?

Don’t avoid hair loss surgery if it is necessary because of the fear of the hair loss. Remember that there are no problems without a solution.