Hair Loss Prevention Guide

Main Reasons For Hair Loss After Surgery

hair loss beautiful and healthy hair is considered to be an asset and personifies the appearance of a person externally. Having healthy and thick hair is every woman’s want and a desire. In earlier days loss of hair was considered to be a signal of aging but now a days premature hair loss takes place due to many reasons which may be caused due to aging, illness, pregnancy, proteins and minerals deficiency etc.

Losing of hair has become very common now a days for men and women and is a most a distressing state causing an embarrassment to a person. There are various remedies or cures one can adopt and follow till the time the problem is tackled without much effort. They are:

Tips To Prevent Hair Loss

Reduction of Stress And Worries

Worries and stress destroys the body along with hair internally as well as externally. Excessive pressure and over doing of things can lead to loss of hair and balding of scalp completely.

proper sleep

A proper eight hour sleep and rest is recommendatory each day. A proper physical workout helps in stimulation of blood circulation which indeed helps in enhancing growth and provides relaxation to an individual.

A Proper Nutrition

A proper nutrition helps in prevention from hair fall and helps us attain beautiful hair. A body which is healthy tends to have a healthy hair and a diet which consists of fresh fruits and vegetables can reduce the loss of hair.


Iron is very essential but vegetarians seem to lack in it and proteins present in nuts, brown rice, whole wheat breads etc. when consumed adequately help in attaining strong and thick hair through the amino acids present in it. Vitamin C along with iron help in extraction of iron, zinc provides sustenance and omega-3 fatty acids help in prevention from becoming dry and frizzy.

Proper Styling

The hair should not be subject to frequent heating since heat debilitates the proteins of the hair. The roughness caused due to external heat leads to the loss of hair and drying off hair naturally helps in prevention from hair loss.

hair color

Coloring or dyeing off hair should not be done very often and should be done at interval of two months. A proper styling is recommendatory as tightly tying or braiding can lead to loss of hair and a professional haircut without layers is suggested as layer cuts makes an individual get away with lot of hair.

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A Proper Care

A wash with a mild shampoo helps in minimizing the loss of hair and help the scalp to remain clean and free from infections. Hair which is clean helps in giving a clean and a voluminous look where as dirty hair sits down flat and gives an oily look.

washing hair

Frequent brush of hair might cause an increase in the hair loss and a wide tooth comb should be used when the hair is wet. To get away with tangles use of fingers are the best and a gently rub is recommendatory. Shampoos containing proper protein and are sulphate free should be used since the smooth hair adds on to the gaps between the shafts.