Hair Loss Prevention Tips

hair loss Treating and preventing hair loss becomes a very effortless job if done in the correct manner following the correct tips meant to treat hair loss. Hair loss can be a result of several issues like health problems, infections, an unhealthy diet or even lack of a proper hair care regimen.

It is hence extremely important to tackle this situation hair loss systematically so that massive loss of your hair is prevented. While chemical treatments work well to treat hair loss, at the end of the day natural products are better and healthier to do the same. Here are six tips which will help prevent hair loss naturally.

Tips To Prevent Hair Loss

Scalp Massages And Treatments 

Scalp massages and treatments prevent hair loss to a great extent. They work wonderfully to keep your hair follicles alive and active and by scalp massages it is ensured that there is increased blood circulation to the hair follicles. Massage your scalp using any natural oil like olive canola or coconut and then heat the oil up so that it becomes warm.

Massage With Oil

Now massage it gently using your fingers into the scalp and then cover the head using a shower cap and leave it on for an hour after which shampoo your hair. Daily scalp massages of five minutes can work greatly in improving blood circulation. One can also use a few drops of bay essential oil or lavender oil to the hot oil being used to make the massage all the more effective.

Meditation And Calming Techniques 

Meditation and calming techniques go a long way in reducing hair loss. One major cause of hair loss is tension and stress or an uneven hormonal balance.


In these situations, practicing meditation or using calming techniques can help in reducing stress, restoring a normal hormonal balance and hence, reducing hair loss.

Hair Care Regimen 

A proper hair care regimen ensures that hair loss isn’t encouraged and all the necessary steps are being taken to reduce hair loss. Firstly, use shampoos and conditioners which are ayurvedic in composition or contain natural extracts rather than using hair products that are excessively chemical and dry out your hair and damage your scalp leading to your hair falling out. Also avoid wearing tight hair clips, hats and headbands if you want to reduce your hair loss. Tight hair accessories stick your hair and pull on it causing your hair to be pulled out of the scalp.

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Apply Vegetable Juices 

vegetable juice

Natural vegetable juices boost hair growth to a certain extent. You can apply to your scalp, natural juices like onion juice, ginger juice or garlic juice. Rub these juices on your scalp and leave them overnight and wash the scalp thoroughly the next morning.

Apply Green Tea 

Just like the natural juices mentioned above you can also apply warm green tea on your scalp; leave it on for a few hours and then shampoo.

green tea

Green tea is a very good antioxidant and applying it on your scalp increases blood circulation to the scalp and hence boosts the growth of hair.

Combing And Brushing 

Brushing your hair 100 times a day to make it silky is a myth. Instead it leads to breakage of hair by excessive brushing. Always gently comb your hair using a wide toothed comb and do it three to four times daily.