Hair Maintenance Tips For Dreadlock Lovers

Hair Maintenance Tips For Dreadlock Lovers For people having rough and curly hair, one of the popular hairstyles is dreadlocks. But maintaining dreadlocks can be a nightmare and if you cannot take care of it in the long run then your hairstyle can turn into a nightmare. Dreadlocks can be a cool hairstyle choice and here are a few tips that can eliminate hair problems such as dandruff, itchy scalp, hair breakage, thinning of hair, and hair loss.

Hair Care Tips For Dreadlock

Wash Regularly

One of the myths related to dreadlocks is that you should not wash it regularly. By doing so, you attract dirt and grime that can lead to hair matting. Contrary to belief, one must wash the hair regularly. While washing, one must remember there are certain techniques involved – that is, one should not scrub the shampoo onto the scalp and the hair strands.

The right technique for shampooing dreadlock is to lather the shampoo by rubbing it onto your palms and soaking your hair on this lather. Once the dreadlocks have soaked the shampoo, one can squeeze it out and let cold water run over the dreads. The choice of shampoo is also important and the one that gets the nod from the experts are shampoos containing natural ingredients that will leave no soapy residue in the dreadlocks.

Air Dry

Never scrub the dreads; instead pat it with a towel and let is air dry. Many resort to a hair dryer but this can often do more damage than good.

dreadlock hair care

So, keep away from styling tools including hair dryers and let your hair naturally air dry.

No Brushing

Dreadlocks generally mean ‘no’ combing or brushing. Running a comb over your dreadlocks can often result in matted hair that can eventually lead to significant hair loss. Instead use your hands and fingers to style or simply comb your dreadlocks.

Styling Products

Though use of styling products is not recommended by experts, styling products are important for the initial months when the locks are being set. Using alcohol-free product is recommended while you twist your hair into a shape with your palms. During this process, one must avoid playing with the dreads as it can adversely affect the length and the thickness of the locks.

Regular Oiling

If you have dry skin, there is a chance that dreadlocks can make your hair scalp excessively dry and flaky.

hair care tips for dreadlocks

To avoid such scalp condition, dab oil onto the scalp on a regular basis. Coconut oil is probably the best choice as the application of oil makes the dreads shine.

Night Headwear

Sleeping time is a difficult time for dreads and without a headgear the friction from the pillow can make dreads frizzy. To avoid such friction, one must use silk pillowcases or tie the hair with a satin scarf.

Dreadlock Tools

It is a great idea to invest in products that will help you maintain the messy and unkempt look of dreadlocks. Few of the ‘must have’ dreadlock care tools are micro fiber towels, rubber bands, tea tree oil or coconut oil, and a rat-tail comb.

Consulting a Locktician

To maintain healthy dreadlocks, one must consult a dreadlock stylist or a locktician on a regularly basis. The professional will help you maintain the health of the hair.