Hair Styling Tips For Medium Length Hair


Hair Styling Tips For Medium Length Hair Neither too long or short, people with medium hair are often confused about how to style their hair. But confusion is the last thing that should haunt you as there are innumerable ways to style the hair that will reflect your personality and suit your hair care routine.

Of course there are a few hair styling tips for medium hair that allows you to care for your tresses properly and also to look stylish.

Hairstyling Tips for Medium Hair

Knowledge about the right products and the right care help you make your medium length hair look like you have just been to a salon.

Hair Bangs

If you have medium hair, then you must understand that drying is an important aspect of making your hair look perfect and radiant. Always use a combination of blow and air drying. This allows you to create a balance that will allow you to keep healthy strands.

Medium Length Hair


If you want to style the hair with a blow dryers then using a straightening balm over the bangs before you blow dry. Remember not to overuse the blow dryers and let the hair dry naturally once you have managed to get the bangs in perfect shape with your blow dryer.

Natural Curls

If you want a casual yet natural updo then just loosen the curls by using a wide-toothed comb to run through the dry tresses. Use a mousse over the hair to give it a shape more easily. Next, section the hair and use a curling iron to run loosely across each section. The heat helps in cutting down the frizz. To look natural, avoid using the iron around the entire head but just do a few strands. Once done, flip your head and spritz it with a hairspray.

Half Updo

Most people like to keep things casual and for that a half-updo is very appropriate. Easy to make, all you need to do is to gather the hair as loosely as possible while framing the face.

ways to style medium length hair


Pull the hair back and fasted it with a barrette. This adds volume to the hair and is a great option for people dealing with thinning hair problems. One can also rough up the ends with a texturizing hairspray to make the style look more polished and sexy.

Straight Hair

If you have medium length straight hair, then the easiest way to wear it is to just refresh the strands with a serum. You can also use a flat iron for the front hair and frame the hair according to the shape of the face. Keep the heat setting at medium to avoid damaging the hair. Also, use a hairspray at the end to fight flyaways.

In case your hair is unwashed and you need to style your straight medium hair then just grab the hair in your crown and pull it back. Backcomb these sections to naturally lift the hair from the roots and fasten the ends with bobby pins. Spray the hair with non-sticky hairspray to freshen the hair strands and avoid it from looking too frizzy and unwashed.

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