Hairdos For Long Faces

Hairstyles can be varied and modified to suit women who can be distinguished on the basis of their face shapes and cuts. Women who have short faces sport a different kind of cut so that their face looks longer, similarly women possessing long faces sport a different kind of cut which will make your face look shorter and hence, more proportionate.

To achieve a look which is oval and neutral is the goal of every woman. Short hairstyles, especially are perfectly flattering for women who have long faces. Here are four different hairdos which women with long faces should flaunt.

Attractive Hairdos For Long Faces

The Rounded Bob 

The rounded bob is a fabulous hairdo to sport for women who have long faces and wish to sport a hairdo which will help in shortening the length of their face. The rounded bob works in a very effective manner to shorten the length of one’s face. It consists of a symmetrical bob of a length up to the jaw line or the chin with blunt bangs strewn across the forehead, which helps in reducing the width of the forehead hence giving off a more oval look.

round bob

The bob is styled in the sense that the ends of the bob are curled inwards to give the bob the look of a mushroom. To style the bob further, apply a hair styling product to slightly damp hair and now divide the hair into various sections and blow dry it inwards using a large and round paddle brush. This will create a short voluminous bob. Finish the look by applying hair serum for added shine.

The Side Parting Asymmetrical Bob 

This asymmetric cut is a modern and stylish outtake on the simple, traditional symmetrical bob. While the traditional bob looks nice and pretty and gives a sober appearance to the women sporting it, the asymmetrical bob is classy and is meant for casual and formal occasions.

bob hairstyles

Furthermore, the tapering aspect of the bob, such that one side is longer than the other gives the long and narrow face more width hence, shortening it. The other short side also adds some amount of volume to its corresponding side of the face. For styling it, create a side parting accordingly and then blow dry the sections of hair to add some body and life to the hair cut. Lastly, apply a good hair serum to add some extra shine to the bob.

The Side Fringed Crop 

The side fringed crop consists of a heavy side fringe which will cover a considerable portion of the forehead and hence help in making the wearer’s face look shorter.

Side Fringed Crop

This look is not voluminous as it a crop cut but it prevents the face from looking longer. To style the hair, blow dry your fringe and run your fingers through it to give it a tousled look and apply a good texturizing product to complete the look.

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The Wavy Blow Dried Style 

The wavy blow dried style is simply a curly or wavy voluminous hairstyle which may be layered and side fringed as these curls add width to one’s face.

Wavy Blow Dried Style

It allows the waves to be wide at the cheekbones while the dramatic side or blunt fringe covers the entire forehead and makes the face look shorter.