Hairstyle Ideas For Wavy Hair

Curly, twirly or wavy hair can be managed finely if the right hairstyles are adopted. Mystifying and distinctive curls can be made sexier and stylish by putting in some extra efforts. Along with the right hairstyle, using the right combination of hair care products are a great way of flaunting wavy hair. There are many wavy-haired celebrities who have showed off their exquisite hairstyles on red carpet. You can take cues from them and adopt the one that suits tour facial shape and features. Even though many women are straightening their hair thinking that fine straight hair will add that extra charm to their personality, it is better to stay true to your natural self by experimenting some of the following popular hairstyle ideas for wavy hair.

Tips For Wavy Hairstyles


Braids are an ever admired and tend hairstyle for those with wavy or curly hair. This simple yet smart hairstyle can be embraced in a variety of ways as you wish. These hairstyles are extremely suitable for untamed curly strands as they prevent the locks out of your face. Loose pigtail braidswill look good on wavy hair.

Hairstyle Ideas For Wavy Hair

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Two thin layers of braid can be applied on the crown of the head like a headband. Those with longer hair can go for side braids. Close to the scalp, tighter braids are perfect for women with much curlier hair. Braided buns are another option that can make for a last minute hairdo. You can even confidently try French braids, fishtail braidwith twisted crown, French braid up dos etc.

High Ponytail

Hairstyle Ideas for wavy hair

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High pony tail is a chic hairstyle for naturally wavy hair. High ponytail works well for those with slack wavy hair. Keeping the ponytail at the top rim of your head will offer a look good appearance to your personality. People with stiffer curls can use a silk headband or scarf to collect ringlets on the head pinnacle.

Faux Hawk

Hairstyle ideas for wavy hair

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Women with short and thick wavy hair can go for faux hawk hairstyle. This hairstyle can be created by a hairstylist professional by using simple hair styling tools. Curly locks will frame your face in a nice manner and will show off the bouncy nature of wavy hair.

Side-swept Bangs

Hairstyles for wavy hair

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Bangs are an excellent way of creating dramato any wavy hairstyle. The style is extremely ideal for short wavy hair.

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All Down

There is a common misconception that wavy hair cannot be left loose since it has the tendency to go messy. But all down is the best way to display the natural beauty of your wavy locks. The hair can be made bouncy by adding volume to it using hair gel and mousse. You can effectively keep the curls in place by using the right hair spray.

Using an ultra-light finishing serum will combat frizz and will keep the hair in its fine form. Layered curls that frame the face can offer an ultimate red carpet look. Large, flow waves that fall below your shoulders in capacious ringlets will definitely enhance your personality. Learning to show off the beauty of waves and curls of your hair is the best option rather than going for straightening treatments. No other hair type will offer you the opportunity to flaunt an easygoing, tousled look like wavy locks.