Hairstyles For A Round Face

Hairstyle or haircut is the primary step for beautification which determines the overall looks of the person. A wrong hairstyle can damage the entire looks and it also becomes very difficult to rectify the mistake with makeup. This disaster mainly occurs in case of round face. Unlike oval face, round face is not a shape which allows experimentation with any kinds of haircuts or hairstyles.

Hence, you should take great care while selecting the correct hairstyle. Here are some tips that you can use to stylize your hair according to your round face shape and look glamorous by hiding the excessive chubbiness of your face.

Various Hairstyles For A Round Face

Medium Length Layered Haircut

Hair Styles For Round Face

Layered haircuts are perfect for round faces as these haircuts hide the extra bulge around the cheek area. You should opt for medium length layers which are cut up to your cheeks. The layers even out the facial lines and hide the roundness of the face by making it look oval. Curling the layers at the crown is also another great way of stylizing hair for round face, as it draws the attention away from the heavy lines of a round face and makes it look more elongated and thus oval.


Side Bangs For Round Face

Long side swept bangs are one of the best ways of making a round face look elongated. Hair stylists suggest that layered bangs are more suitable for round faces rather than heavy and straight-cut bangs. Wearing the hair in a side part makes round faces look less heavy and to top that, the side-swept bangs hide that extra bulginess of round face by creating an angle for the face which draws out the attention from the roundness of the face. Side-swept bangs are also great while you decide to hold up your hair in an updo. The angle created by the bang gives an edge to the face making it appear less roundish.


Pouf Hairstyle

Pouf is a very popular hairstyle these days. Pouf adds the extra volume at the crown region which makes round faces appear oval. Pouf can be worn with any hairstyle and haircut. It looks great if you team it up with an updo or even when you leave your hair untied.

Framing Hairstyle

Face Framing Hairstyle

Facial framing hairstyle is a nice option for downplaying the wider appearance of a round face. In this haircut, the front part of the hair is cut in a razor cut and layers hit the jawline and cheek region. The razor-cut allows some movement at the ends of the hairs and creates the illusion of elongated face by enhancing the cheek bones.

Pixie Haircut

Pixie Haircut For Round Face

A pixie haircut can be quite a challenging option for round faces, but when given the right look and shape, a pixie haircut can look quite flattering on a round face by making it appear toned down. While opting for a pixie cut, make sure that the hairs at the sides of the face are closely cut to make the sides less heavy. Add width and volume to the crown region by retaining long hairs at the crown region and then by volumizing those with volumizing hair spray.

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