Hairstyles For African Hair

African Hairstyle ideas African hair is known for its black color and dense texture. African hair look dry and rough, and tend to break easily when brushed or combed. African hair may have different kind of patterns like zig-zag, springs and coils.

When coming to African hair styles, we have many options. It is not as if African hair cannot be styled in a proper manner. The fact is that there are various hair styles for African hair, which if done in a proper manner can really augment the look and personality of the women. Let us here throw light on some of the popular African hair styles.

Popular Hairstyles For African Hair

Two Layers Dropping On The Side

African hair, which are not of curly type, can be styled beautifully by having side fringes. This hair style looks best on short African hair, and has only two layers.

Foxy Straight Hair Style

Short and straight African haircan be cut in a foxy manner, where a fringe is left in the front.

Braided Bun

African hairstyles

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Women willing to have a glamorous look can go for a braided bun, which looks quite graceful.

Angled Bob Hair Style

Bob hair style is quite versatile and really looks great on African hair! An angled bob really looks stylish on pretty women with straight African hair.

Fallen Down Curls

African hairstyles

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Curly short African haircan be styled in a fallen down manner, in which decent curls fall down on the face.

Forehead Fringe Hair Style

Women with a dusky appearance can go for a straight hair stylewith a forehead fringe.


African Hairstyles

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Perms really look great on African women. The entire look and personality of the women gets changed with the help of going for a perm hair style. Whether the hair are medium length or long, perms would really look wonderful. Also they go very well on both black and brown colored hair.

Smooth Hair Style

A smooth and flowing hair style is the perfect option for women with brown colored straight African hair.

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Knotted Hair Style

Tying the entire hair in knots is also a good way to style African hair. The knotted hair stylelooks great on women having natural knots in the hair.


African hairstyles

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Ponytail really looks great on African hair types. It looks wonderful when tied high.

Puffed Up African Hair Style

In order to get a glamorous look, you can go for a high short puffed up hair style. Bold women can carry this hair style in an elegant manner.

Spiky Hair Style

Spikes also look great on African hair. Women with shiny and black African hair can go for spikes in the hair to get a glamorous look. In the end, it would be right to say that African hair can really be styled in numerous ways. However, you need to be very careful while selecting the hair style. You need to take into account your face cut and hair texture, and then decide upon the hair style that would suit you the best.

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