Hairstyles For Plus Size Women


The way you carry your hair makes a huge difference to your appearance. No matter whether you are plus sized or over forty. You are never too old or out-weighted for a fresh look for your hair.

When you are a little healthy you just need to take care that your hair style makes your face appear thinner than it actually is, keeping in mind the texture of your hair and the shape of your face. Here are some fashionable hairstyles that you can go for; for a fresh and chic look.

Stylish Hairstyles For Plus Size Women


Layers not only add volume to your hair but also aids in making the face appear thin. Layers never go out of fashion and are very flattering for almost all types of face shapes.


Layers help minimize the roundness of the face and can be cut to suit all variety of hair types and lengths. Another plus point about layers hair cut is that it can go with side part, bangs or any other style and can be used to focus your cheekbones, eyes and other features.

Long Curls

Curls worn on long hair are very feminine and delicate to look. You can wear loose curls to give body to your hair and also slim down the appearance of your face.

long curls

Curls falling flat near the face reduce roundness of the cheeks. If you have wide shoulders or heavy bust with a small face, then curls balance your appearance. Curly hairstyle gives a very girlie and cute look when worn with fringes.

Brushed Back

It is not necessary that the heaviness of the body shown on the face. Not all plus size females have round and wide faces. For women having small faces, go for a layered look with the hair in front short compared to sides and back. Use styling gel or spray and back comb your hair from the front giving it a swollen look and thus adding some plumpness to the face. This is also a good hairstyle for women having thin hair, as it gives a fuller look.

Wavy And Long

Women having a busty look can use this hairdo for a balanced look. Long hair with natural wavy look is the hairstyle for you. This look is casual and can be let loose or tied at the back with strands left to fall on your shoulder. It gives a flat look to the overall shoulder area and depth can be added by the use of soft texturing and color highlights. This can also be teamed with bangs for a different and chic look. The catch with this hairstyle is that it doesn’t work for too long hair, as the bounce is lost near the tips.

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Straight With Bangs

Straight hair helps giving your face a flatter look and works well for most plus sized women who have a little volume of hair. Females with thin hair should avoid straightening of the hair, as it may make the hair appear scarce and extremely thin.

straight with bangs

When pulled off with bangs, it gives a delicate look. With centre parting the hair adds dimension with the shadow falling on the face. It makes round face appear leaner but shouldn’t be pulled too close to the face as it may look flat.