Hairstyles For Prom For Black Women

prom hairstyle Prom is often one of the most anticipated nights for any young girl. Getting ready gets very tricky for everyone because your focus shifts from the shoes, to the hair, to the makeup and finally to the gown. For black women the concerns are usually their hair styling because their hair texture makes it very difficult to style. Irrespective of the hair length and texture, there is no dearth of prom hairstyles available for black women.

Prom Hairstyle Options For Black Women

For black coarse hair the best option is to use a hair relaxer or a straightener that will bring versatility to your hairstyle. Other favorable hairstyles that black women can opt for the prom night are listed below:


This is one of the favorite options for girls. You can style it with colorful accessories and also wear it after adding soft layers that add bounce to the hair. This is a great option for black women who want to a neat option for the prom night.

bob style for black woman

To get the smooth look, relax your hair by running a flat iron over it and pinning it straight with hair clips. Next, use a hair cream to put the hair in place. For a perfect prom look, add a flower or rhinestone on it.

Low Bun

If you have long hair then you a low bun is a great option for the prom night. This can be your option irrespective of the length off your hair – that is, if you have curly medium hair or long straight hair you can run a flat iron and smoothen the hair with a round brush.

low bun for black woman

Once the hair is smoothened, blow dry the hair to add extra bounce. For curly hair, add soft tendrils onto the hair and let it hang loosely at the sides of your hair. But if you have straight hair then you can create soft curls by using a curling iron.

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This is a great addition into the list of black women prom hairstyles for ones who have medium length hair. To get this look, sweep back the hair and clip it with bobby pins or clips. To make sure that it stays there, put hair shine serum. The serum will also control the frizziness of black hair and also control flyaways.

updo hairstyles for black woman

Once you have twisted the hair back into a low or high updo, use a pomade to hold it in place. For a youthful look, use a headband.

Side Styles

For a sassy look, one can opt for side hairstyles that can range from simple ponytails to soft side braids. This allows you to keep control over the curls of your black hair. Also, you can let the curls cascade down one side and instill an elegant prom look. If you want to add extra length, do not hesitate to use hair extensions and then deep part the hair.

Half And Half

One of the all-time favorite prom hairstyles is the half-up, half style. One of the popular styles is the front pompadour with the hair hanging down at the back. This is a great option for hair of all textures. Another good half and half hairstyle is hair rolls in the front and the ponytail at the back.