Hairstyles For Thick Hair

If you are blessed with thick and voluminous hair you should consider yourself lucky because not many women fall into your category. Whether it is the result of your good hair care or your genes, you provoke a serious case of hair envy. Whatever may be the case, you should make the most of those gorgeous tresses. Choose a perfect hairstyle that matches your texture and face shape.

The biggest advantage with the thick hair is that you do not have to create extra volume as you already have it.  If you want you can even reduce the bulkiness of your hair to match your face shape. Depending on the length dress up your hair with the most stylish and adorable hairstyle. Read further to check out the different hairstyles which you can try for various hair lengths and textures for your thick hair.

Different Hairstyles For Your Thick Hair

Thick And Long Hair

If you have thick, long and straight hair and are in no mood to chop off those long locks, you can still create amazing hairstyles with your thick hair.

thick and long

Depending on your face shape you can choose variety of hairstyles from sleek long ponytails to messy buns to intricate braided updos. As you already have the volume you can easily create waves and curls for that stunning look.

Thick And Curly Hair

Some interesting hairstyles can be achieved with thick and curly hair as you already have the texture and volume. Your hair may tend to go dry and frizzy, so be careful to choose the right products.

thick and curl

Create a beautiful and sexy look with shoulder length ringlets and side bangs. If you have short curly hair, try a stacked and angled bob with short curls at the back and long curls at the front and sides. Take out some hair from the fringe and soften them and secure them behind the ear.

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Thick And Short Hair

Nothing can beat the beauty of a bobbed hairstyle for your thick and short hair. The classic bob can be worked out in many styles to suit and accommodate your thick tresses. Choppy layers can be added to remove the excess bulkiness which makes your thick mane easy to handle.

thick and short

Complete your look with angled bangs. You can let your hair grow naturally and style it to a trendy lob (a longer version of bob) that has soft layers. If you have very short hair go for multilayered pixie hairstyle. It is low maintenance and the hair’s natural thickness will keep it from looking flat and sparse.

Thick And Medium Length Hair

A medium length hair which is neither too long nor too short is the most preferred hair length for various hairstyles. Sweep all your hair to one side and create various styles with curls, waves or braids.

thick and medium hair

For special occasions style your hair to create an amazing ombre effect which gradually transforms into a lighter shade of the base color. Curl only the bottom 6 inches of your hair for a perfect ombre hair.