Have Lustrous Locks With Damaged Hair Remedies

Damaged Hair

Damaged Hair You hair undergoes lots of stress these days be it the styling products and the heat you use to iron your hair or the pollution around you that causes severe damage to your mane. The hair has three layers of cuticle, medulla and cortex.

When any two layers of your hair get damaged, it might lead to hair damage as the damage of these layers would cause severe dryness of the hair which will cause split ends and breakage of hair. There are many reasons for such hair damages such as excess UV ray exposure, hair shampoo usage, harsh brushing or lack of nutrition.

The Various Damaged Hair Remedies

Massage With Egg Yolk

Applying egg yolk regularly to your hair will help to repair hair damage. Whisk some eggs and massage well into the scalp and set for a few minutes. Then rinse well using cold water and with a mild shampoo.

Egg Yolk

This yolk of the egg is a natural conditioner that makes your hair soft and nourished. You can also prepare a shampoo using egg yolk and wash off with cold water after 15 minutes.

Apply Henna Regularly

When you apply henna regularly it will repair all hair damages and would condition your hair naturally. You can mix henna powder in water and apply it to your hair and leave for few minutes.


Then wash your hair well with water. Henna has the ability to bind each hair shaft and penetrate deeper into the layers. This helps to improve the strength of your hair and also prevents it from breaking it. It also strengthens the cuticles and binds the keratin to improve your hair quality.

Coconut Oil Scalp Massage

You can use coconut oil as it is highly beneficial to the damaged hair. Massage your scalp regularly with coconut oil to restore the lost nutrients and to eliminate the dryness of your hair. The coconut is abundant in lauric acid that has immense amount of proteins that are good for your locks.

Coconut Oil

This stunning property of coconut oil makes it a best choice among damaged hair remedies as it enters deep in to hair layers. This oil can also prevent the damage to reach the cuticle and corrects it immediately and promotes healthy growth of hair.

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Hibiscus Hair Packs

Hibiscus flowers and leaves are highly known for their role in ancient medicines for preparing medicines related to hair problems. This shrub’s leaves and flowers exhibit great potency to induce hair growth. Hibiscus leaves also are equipped with the anti graying ability.


Make a paste of the hibiscus flowers and leaves by grinding it in to a fine paste and rinse well using warm water. This pack helps to make your hair shinier and more manageable. This pack also has the potential to boost up the volume of your mane. Hibiscus always grabs a position among damaged hair remedies.

Guava Bark & Leaves


The bark and leaves of the guava plant can be used as damaged hair remedies as it can increase the sheen of your mane and offers good relief if you have itchy scalp. Make a concoction by boiling and cool and apply on scalp.

Joyeeta Bose