Highly Popular Short Hair Trends For 2013


short hair style This year 2013 sees a new trend in short hair trends as it is more fashionable. The versatility offered by these short hairstyles are extreme and are a hit among the women as it alters their look totally giving them a new makeover.

With short hair trends maintaining your locks seems easy and this has led to it rapid popularity in recent times. So if you are deciding to opt for short hair trends then there is no need to have any concerns as you will have good company of other women. Choose these hairstyles according to your face type and facial features.

Top Short Hair Styles For Women

The Pixie Style

This pixie was popularised by the celebrities Audrey Hepburn and Mia Farrow in the 1960s era. This hairstyle looks good on women who have naturally wavy hair with thick hair. If you have fine and straight hair, then you can also opt for such hairstyle.

The Pixie Style

Also if you have a face shape such as heart shaped, square, round and oval shape then, this hairstyle would make you look your best. Also remember this pixie short hair trends are not advisable for those with a long face as it would make your face to look much longer. Make sure you add good volume on the top to look good.

The Pompadour

This is a popular hairstyle among ladies this year which is also known as the quiff or faux hawk style. This hairstyle would offer a look that features a puffy teased look at the top that resembles the hood of a rooster.

The Pompadour

This has become very hot hairstyle among the celebrities and popular singers. If you are confident enough then you can you can opt for this hairstyle.

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The Bob

The bob is a hairstyle that never goes out of style among women. This year the bob finds a trendy look to it. The edgy look it offers makes it one among the popular short hair trends. This year bob style has an edgy touch to it and has a messy, tousled and irregular look.

Bob style

This look is at its perfect when it ends near the chin or beneath it. This bob style looks good on anyone who has a well defined neck and jaw line. This hairstyle is not advisable on those who have a curly or coarse hair.

Super Short Edgy Cut Hairstyle

It takes a lot of guts to sport this hairstyle. This hairstyle would make you look super cool and sophisticated. There are various cuts available in this style and seek the advice of a professional hair stylist to discuss which one would best suit your face cut.

Super Short Edgy Cut Hairstyle

You can also upload your picture virtually and try to match with various edgy hairstyles to find out which one looks best on you.

Demi Bob Hairstyle

This long bob hairstyle is one among the short hair trends that has been a hit lately. This hot hairstyle offers a look with a mid neck and shoulder length style. This hair style can be opted if you have a wavy hair or normal hair.


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