Home Remedies For Fast Hair Growth

hair growth1 Healthy, well-nourished and shiny hair is like a dream come true. But unfortunately not all of us are blessed with such flawless hair. We are often faced with problems of unhealthy, weak, fragile and slow growing hair and can go to extremes to make the hair perfect.

Today we have various spas and chemical treatments for hair that ensure thick and lustrous hair. But the question arises whether they are safe and do not have any side effects. No matter what, chemicals always have a flip-side; therefore it is always a safe option to try natural home remedies before resorting to chemicals for hair growth. Here are some easy tips you can use for faster hair growth. These will give you more than expected results: –

Remedies For Fast Hair growth

Castor Oil

Castor Oil for Hair Care

Castor Oil is heavy oil which is an excellent hair growth enhancer. Left applied overnight is an intensive treatment for receding hair lines. It makes the hair stiff when applied as it has moisture lock properties, therefore requires thorough shampooing and conditioning later. It also detangles thereby reducing associated damages like hair breaking.

Flat Beer

flat beer

Take out beer in a container and let the fizz go away. This is flat beer which should be used for hair growth. It is an excellent agent to cleanse the scalp and activate the dead follicles that promote hair growth. Patches of head from where growth has stopped can be healed with the help of flat beer to regain hair growth.

Hydrating Masks

Olive oil mixed with mayonnaise applied on the scalp hydrates the scalp and helps restore sebum oil; the natural oil present on the scalp that promotes hair growth. This can be done once or twice a week if it suits your hair. Thorough shampoo and conditioning should be followed.

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onion juice

Onion juice is also a good cure for bald patches and spots. Onion juice applied to thinning spots of hair followed by warm water rinse done up to thrice a week facilitate hair growth. Finely chopped or grated onion can be added to any normal shampoo and is ready to use after 15 days to enhance hair growth.

Drink Juices

Juices of fruits and vegetables like lettuce, spinach, carrots, beet root, cucumber, blueberries and tomatoes can be included in daily diet for hair growth.

vegetable juice

Juices are a good hydrating agent and are rich in potassium and manganese which prevent loss and promote growth of hair. The high vitamin A content in juices makes follicles strong and prevents easy breakage of hair too.

Hair Brushes And Combs

It is up to you to maintain the hygiene of your hair. Sharing combs with others, dirty combs, thin and sharp comb teeth are all harmful for your own hair. A good hair brush spreads the natural oils of your hair from the scalp to the tip thus stimulating the scalp and speeding up hair growth. Clean your dirty hair brush once a week with shampoo or baking soda as it is an essential distributor for natural growth stimulating oils.