Home Remedies To Get Shiny Hair

woman with shiny hair Hair is one of the aspects of the body that can either have positive or negative effects on the attraction and personality of the person. Hair care is an important part of daily life that should be followed on a routine basis. Apart from keeping them clean and moisturized there are a lot of features that you can work on for enhancing the look of it. One of the aspects that bring beauty to the hair is shine and luster.

The good news is that with some simple home treatments you can easily get through your goals of reaching shiny hair. Not only are home remedies a safe and effective way to get that shine but also affordable on the pocket. This hair care guide below is for all those who are enthusiastic about getting the sheen and making heads turn. Check them out and follow some of them regularly: –

Effective Home Remedies To Get Shiny Hair

Olive Oil Remedy

One of the best home cures that can help you get a good shine in the hair is olive oil massage. This helps in improving the texture, adds moisture as well as brings a shine that you will fall in love with. The scalp should be massaged from the oil as well as the strands from root to tip.

Olive Oil

This should be done a couple of hours before washing the hair. Herein, avocado and baking powder can also be mixed with the oil and left for about 45 minutes before shampooing to get a shine. Follow this remedy at least once every fortnight.

Cold Water Effects

To retain and to increase the shine in the hair it is always advisable to use cold water for rinsing. Hot water tends to flush the healthy oils from the hair and makes it dry and dull. For that shine and gloss, always prefer cold water for your precious hair.

Mayonnaise Use


For a dual benefit of moisturizing the hair as well as to get the lost shine, use mayonnaise on the hair once in a while. This should be evenly applied on the hair strands and left for about 45 minutes before rinsing. Follow this at least twice a month to get more than desired outcomes. Make sure you keep the head covered till the mayonnaise has been applied.

Vinegar Benefits

Add a few drops of vinegar in a mug of water and apply it on the hair for a while. After sometime, you can rinse the hair with plain cool water. This is one of the easy home remedies in the pocket that is cheap as well as beneficial for the shine.

Egg Wonders

Eggs not only help the hair to retain the moisture but also get backs the lost shine and gloss. Whisk an entire egg until smooth and apply it evenly on the hair strands for the next 30 minutes.


This should be then washed with a mild shampoo and one that suits your hair type. Follow the remedy once every month to get best outcomes. Along with gloss you will also experience smoothness of the hair.