Home Remedy For Excessive Hair Loss


Prevent Hair Loss The problem of hair loss puts the affected person in great tension and stress. The tension gets more severe, if hair loss occurs in excessive amount. You can treat the hair loss problem through several ways, viz. medical treatments like drugs and hair transplantation, herbal remedies and homemade treatments.

The medical treatments are quite expensive and may have side effects as they contain chemicals. So, it is better to opt for natural treatments for hair fall, which do not have side effects. Here follows a discussion on a few effective home remedies for excessive hair loss.

Natural Remedies for Excessive Hair Loss

Nutritional Needs Of The Hair

You need to take proper care of the nutritional needs of the hair, so that hair fall gets reduced. Lack of hair nourishment is the major cause behind excessive hair loss. So, taking care of your diet is the best home remedy for hair loss. The protein contained in red meat, poultry and fish would definitely help in decreasing hair loss and encouraging hair growth.

You should include these foods in regular diet, to notice a considerable improvement in hair growth process. Also, you need to focus on the intake of iron rich foods like tofu, soybean and clams to nourish the hair adequately.

Hair Maintenance

Maintaining adequate health of the hair also works as a very effective home remedy for hair loss. Make use of baby shampoo for hair washing. Do not wash the hair more than twice in a week. Do not be too harsh with the hair. Allow the hair to dry naturally instead of using hair dryer.

Do not run comb in wet hair as wet hair are weak and tend to break easily. Avoid back combing the hair. Make use of wide toothed comb to get rid of tangles in the hair. All these hair care measures would definitely help in maintaining the health of the hair, thus reducing hair fall.

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Egg Yolk

Egg yolk works as a very good home remedy for hair loss. The protein contained in egg yolk would assist in hair growth process. The yolk should be massaged throughout the hair and the scalp, and allowed to stay for around 20-30 minutes before rinsing it out from the hair.

Prevent Hair Loss

You would be able to attain soft and smooth hair with the aid of this home remedy. Regular use of egg yolk would help in boosting up the health of the hair, thus dealing with hair loss issue.

Red Henna

Prevent Hair Loss

You may also try using red henna on the hair to reduce hair loss. It is suggested to apply henna on the hair continuously for around fifteen days to notice an improvement in the scalp’s health, consequently helping to encourage hair growth and decrease hair fall.

Lime Juice And Coconut Oil

A solution made by combining together lime juice and coconut oil works as a very good home remedy for hair loss. The solution should be applied daily for a few days and the hair should be rinsed after that to deal with hair loss problem.