Homemade Hair Loss Prevention

Hair Loss Are you losing out your hair? Are you really in great tension because of this reason? If yes, then this is the right place for you! You might be aware of various products available in the market which boast of reducing hair loss and increasing hair growth. But are you sure whether these products would provide effective results?

If not, then you should go for natural homemade treatments for hair loss. You might be having a sensitive scalp because of which the chemically enriched commercial hair loss products may not provide successful results. In such a scenario, you should always go for natural treatments. This article focuses on homemade hair loss prevention technique.

Tips To Prevent Hair Loss

The following steps would explain how you can combine the commercial product with the natural ingredients to make a homemade hair loss prevention product.

Protein Enriched Shampoo

Prevent Hair Loss

First of all, you should choose a protein based shampoo for your hair. The hair would become healthy and strong with the help of making use of protein based hair care product.

Amla Juice And Lime Juice

The next step is to add amla juice and lime juice to the shampoo in a bowl. The entire mixture should be whisked gently. In case, the solution is too thin, more of shampoo can be added to attain the desired consistency.

Hair Shampooing

The next step is to wash the hair with the homemade shampoo. The scalp should be properly massaged with this shampoo, so as to get rid of all the build up from the hair, and to attain strong and healthy hair.

Prevent Hair Loss

Hair Rinsing

Now comes the turn of rinsing the hair with water. Cold water should be used for hair rinsing process. Use of hot water may cause hair dryness and deteriorate the health of the hair. Use of cold water for hair rinsing process would help in providing shine to the hair and would also help to maintain the strength of the hair.

Hair Conditioning

The next step is to condition the hair with the conditioner that you use normally. The hair would become soft, smooth and healthy with the help of regular conditioning process carried out every time after the hair shampooing process.

The above given homemade hair loss prevention steps would not only help in preventing hair loss, but would also help in strengthening the hair and promoting hair growth process due to use of amla juice and lime juice. Apart from following the above given homemade hair loss prevention steps, it is also vital to take care of your diet to prevent hair loss.

Eating a healthy and nutritious diet consisting of green vegetables and fresh fruits would definitely help in boosting up hair growth process and preventing hair loss. Further, you also need to follow a proper hair care routine to prevent hair loss. Wash the hair only twice or thrice in a week to maintain the natural moisture level of the hair. Avoid the exposure of the hair to heat to prevent the hair from drying out. Drink lot of water daily to keep the hair healthy, strong and well hydrated.