Homemade Hair Products For Healthy Hair

Healthy Hair

Healthy Hair The first thing we do before buying any hair care products or any other product in general is flip the backside of the product to check its ingredients. Apart from the product’s major ingredient, we see the list of some complex chemicals as its composition which are way beyond our understanding. It is only when we buy and use it, can we know its possible results, good and bad.

Instead of buying those expensive products and risking our hair, it is always wise to use homemade products. The biggest advantage of homemade hair products is that they are free from harsh chemicals which are an integral part of store bought products. So you can be least worried about the possible side effects these products bestow on you and your hair. Besides that, these products can be easily prepared at home with minimal or no cost from the ingredients easily available at home. Check out some of the amazing and effective hair products which you can make yourself at home.

Effective Homemade Hair Products

Homemade Conditioners

Hair conditioners can be used both before and after shampooing. Conditioners perform different actions of moisturizing, detangling, hair strengthening, damage repair and making your hair shiny and glossy. So depending on the requirement of your hair you can prepare the conditioners at home.


Usually conditioners before shampooing are made with ingredients like egg-yogurt, avocado-mayonnaise, fenugreek-coconut oil, while after-shampoo conditioners use apple cider vinegar and tea rinses.

Homemade Hair Gel

A hair gel lets you tame your curls and manage the frizz making your hair soft, shiny and flexible. Store bought hair gels do all these things but with the help of harsh chemicals in them which are not good for your hair. Prepare a hair gel easily at home using gelatin in few easy steps.

flaxseed oil

Mix unflavored gelatin in warm water. Add few drops of essential oil for fragrance, mix them thoroughly and allow it to set for 3 to 5 hours before you start using it. You can also make hair gel using flaxseed oil.

Homemade Natural Detangler Spray

Detangler is a staple in homes with curly hair. Imagine the amount of chemicals you feed in every time you spray the detangler on your hair or your little daughter’s. Prepare an easy detagler spray with natural ingredients at home. Fill an empty spray bottle with half quantity of distilled water and half quality of aloe vera juice.

aloe vera juice

Add 2 tablespoon of glycerine, 1 tablespoon each of vitamin E oil and grape seed oil and few drops of jasmine oil for natural fragrance. Shake well before each use as the ingredients tend to separate. Now you can use natural detangler spray without any worry.

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Homemade Hair pack

hair care

It is important to apply hair packs often to condition your hair and retain the shine and luster of your healthy hair. Depending on your hair texture and the need of your hair, different hair packs can be prepared which work on revitalizing, hair strengthening, preventing hair loss, dry and frizz control, damage repair, split ends, dull hair. Among the various ingredient s available at home, banana, fenugreek, yogurt, henna, hibiscus are the most preferred items for hair packs.