Homemade Natural Hair Care Solutions

Homemade Natural Hair Care Solutions When you think of eggs, mayonnaise, lemon juice, and honey, you instantly think of a healthy breakfast. But do you know these are also a few of the ingredients to make homemade hair care treatments and solutions that are not only effective but also chemical free natural hair care solutions.

Homemade Solution for Hair

Normal Hair

If you are looking for regular hair care solutions for normal hair, you can make a conditioner using egg whites that consists of bacteria-killing enzymes that instantly washes off the excess hair oil. Egg yolks can be used to moisturize the hair. All you need to do is prepare the white and yolk mixture separately and apply onto damp hair and the scalp.

Leave for 20 minutes and rinse it off with cold water before shampooing the hair. Egg and yolk hair treatment when done once a month can make your hair healthy and brittle-free.

Dull Hair

The day to day exposure to dirt, pollution, and styling products often robs the moisture off the hair and makes it look dull. To reverse such effect, all one needs are diary products such as yogurt and sour cream. The lactic acid that is one of the main components of the dairy products makes the hair dirt free while the milk fat works as a moisturizer.

In short, if you are one of the many who suffer from dull hair all you need to do is to massage half a cup of cream or yogurt into damp hair. Once that sits for over 20 minutes, rinse it off with warm water. Follow it up with cold water rinsing; after which you can shampoo the hair. For best results, make this a weekly hair treatment plan and you shall see the positive results within a few days.

Itchy Scalp

Another problem that many people living in the city and doing a regular job face is poor diet, exposure to dirt and grime, lastly, the stress of daily life. All these add on to bad scalp condition. Fighting flakes is not easy but it is made easy when you use a mixture made of lemon juice, olive oil, and water.

Homemade Hair Care

The acidity of the lemon juice is fast in getting rid of the dry flakes and as the juice strips off scalp moisture it is immediately replaced by the olive oil that works as a moisturizer. After application, wait for 20 minutes and then rinse the hair with shampoo and cold water. The hair care treatment can be done on a weekly basis for best results.

Fine Hair

Limp hair is embarrassing. If you want to add instant volume to your hair all you need to do is reach out to your refrigerator and take out a bottle of beer. Pour it in a glass and let it sit for an hour before you use it. Once the carbonation process is complete, add sunflower or canola oil and egg into it.

Apply the mixture on damp hair and leave it for approximately 15 minutes after which you can rinse it off with water. If this seems like a tiring process, you can try the easier mode of adding the flat beer onto a water spray bottle and sptritzing on the hair. Using beer works wonders as the strands of limp hair are offered protein by the drink – improving the structure of the hair. If done on a weekly basis, your hair will no longer remain limp.

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Dry Hair

Exposure to UV rays of the sun robs the hair off moisturizer making it dry and flat. To counter such ill-affects of the sun rays, you can massage honeyonto damp hair and scalp once a month. After application, let is sit for 20 minutes allowing the honey to attract and lock moisture.

Homemade Hair Care Treatments

You can rinse it off with warm water after the time lapses. If your hair is extremely damaged, application of only honey might not be enough. Hence, mix honey with protein rich ingredients such as egg yolk or avocado that will restore the keratin protein bonds of the hair.

Oily Hair

Daily dirt and grime, makes the hair oily and greasy. This can lead to extreme dandruff and hair fall. If you want to avoid such unfavorable situation, you can simply sprinkle cornstarch onto your hair and scalp. After around 10 minutes, you can simply brush the sprinkled cornstarch out of the hair. This hair care process is easy and cost effective and can be applied on alternate days.

Frizzy Hair

Unruly and frizzy hair is again a problem faced by people whose hair has gone through a number of chemical processes such as straightening and so on. To smoothen unruly and frizzy hair, all you need to do is to mash an avocado and massage the protein-rich oil onto damp hair. The protein and nutrients of the avocado can also be combined to with sour cream, mayonnaise, or egg yolks for best results.