Homemade Tips On How To Improve Hair Growth

improve hair growth Improving hair growth process is an issue which cannot be ignored at all! It is the desire of both women and men to have healthy and abundant hair on the head. No one wants to face hair loss problem. You would find numerous expensive products in the market which boast to improve hair growth.

But what is the guarantee if these products would provide successful results? In most of the cases, these products are not effective and only have an impact on the pocket of an individual. So, why to go for such products? It is better to go for safer alternatives, which offer successful results. Here follows a discussion on some natural homemade tips with respect to improving hair growth.

Natural Ways To Improve Hair Growth

Herbal Shampoo

You can make a very good herbal shampoo at home, with the help of readily available ingredients at home. A mix of warm water, henna powder, egg and lemon juice makes a very effective homemade herbal shampoo. All the ingredients, except lemon juice, should be combined together and allowed to sit for around an hour before pouring in lemon juice.

Improve Hair growth

Thereafter, this mixture should be properly applied on the scalp and the hair. After the application of mixture on the hair, cover the head properly with a plastic cap and allow the mix to stay on the hair for around two hours. Thereafter, wash the hair properly with the help of lukewarm water to get rid of the mixture properly from the hair and the scalp. Following this treatment every week would definitely help to improve hair growth and the health of the hair.

Onion Juice

Another effective home remedy for improving hair growth process is use of onion juice on the hair. The juice of onion should be applied directly on the scalp to encourage hair growth and boost up the health of the hair. You would soon start noticing hair growth in the bald areas with just a few applications of onion juice.


Henna acts as a very good conditioner for the hair. Well conditioned hair are obviously strong, healthy and beautiful. Henna based conditioner can be made by combining together henna powder, coconut milk and egg yolk.

Improvement of hair growth

The prepared paste should be applied throughout the hair and allowed to stay on the hair for around four hours, before washing it off. Regular use of henna would certainly help in conditioning the hair adequately and improving the health of the hair. Within a few weeks, you would be able to notice an improvement in the hair growth process.


Eat more of protein rich foods, if you want to improve hair growth process. Fish, yogurt, beans and meat are rich in protein and should be included in regular diet to allow the hair to grow fast and healthily.

Deep Conditioning Treatment

In order to encourage hair growth, there are numerous deep conditioners available in the market. The use of deep conditioner on the hair would help in improving the health of the hair from deep inside the scalp, thus promoting the hair to grow fast and in a healthy way.

In spite of using commercial deep conditioners, you can make a very good deep conditioner at home by simply combining avocado pulp and honey. Apply the mix on the hair and rinse the hair after around two hours to get healthy, beautiful and soft hair.


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