How Can Teenagers Prevent Hair Loss

Hair loss in teensPreventing hair loss in teenagers is very important. During teenage, girls are highly conscious of their overall beauty. Hair is one of the important beauty aspects of teenage girls. Hair requires immense care and attention, so that hair loss can be prevented and hair growth can be encouraged.

If the teenagers take care of their hair from the very beginning, they would soon be able to get shiny, thick and long hair.  Treating the hair in a correct way would definitely help in preventing hair loss. Here are a few tips to prevent hair loss in teenagers.

Tips To Avoid Hair Loss In Teens

The following tips would be of tremendous help in preventing hair loss:

Hair Styling

Teenagers are very fond of styling their hair adequately, so as to look gorgeous. However, while carrying out hair styling practices, they tend to forget the harmful effects associated with incorrect hair styling techniques. Teenagers should restrict the use of blow dryer, curling iron, flat iron or any other hair styling equipment with respect to hair styling process.

These equipments are very harmful for the health of the hair and can cause hair fall. Excessive exposure of hair to heat would make the hair dry and weak, which would cause hair loss. In case, you need to use such equipments on the hair, make sure to apply heat protecting spray on the hair prior to using them.

Hair Cleaning

Maintaining the cleanliness of the hair and the scalp is very important to prevent hair loss. However, while making sure to keep the hair clean, it does not mean to shampoo the hair daily.

Prevent hair loss

Daily hair washing process might strip off natural oils from the hair, thus making the hair dehydrated. So, it is strongly recommended to wash the hair only two times in a week to maintain the health of the hair and for preventing hair loss.

Chemical Treatments

The hair responds very badly to chemical treatments. Teenagers are no doubt very fond of going for hair perming and hair coloring treatments, so as to give a different look to their hair. However, they should try to understand the harmful effects associated with these processes.

Use of chemicals on the hair, by way of hair coloring or hair perming processes, ruins the health and vitality of the hair. The hair becomes dry, rough and weak due to exposure to chemicals. Therefore, it is suggested to avoid going for chemical based treatments on the hair, to keep the hair in good health. Try to be very gentle with your hair and do not make the mistake of treating the hair in a harsh manner by way of exposing them to chemicals. The issue of hair loss would be dealt in an effective way if you avoid exposing the hair to chemicals.


Stress has a major toll on the health of the hair of the teenagers. You need to include stress relieving techniques such as regular exercise, yoga and meditation in your life to boost up the hair growth process and prevent hair loss.