How To Avoid And Treat Hyperthyroidism Hair Loss

Avoid And Treat Hyperthyroidism Hair Loss

Avoid And Treat Hyperthyroidism Hair Loss Thyroid is one of the most vital parts of the endocrine system and one can refer to the same as the butterfly shape gland. It is located in the lower side of the neck, right under the Adam’s apple. There are different functions of the lobe, which are responsible for the malfunctioning of the thyroid.

One of the most basic functions of the thyroid gland is to keep producing hormones that are released or let into the blood stream, which in turn then regulate levels of energy along with helping faster growth and rejuvenation of cells. And hair growth is one of the most significant responsibilities of this gland. But what happens because of hyperthyroidism or fluctuation in levels of this hormone is loss of hair. But there are ways to avoid this problem, prevent or even treat it.

How To Avoid And Treat Hyperthyroidism Hair Loss

Regular Monitoring And Evaluation

One of the best ways for keeping  a tab of this problem of hyperthyroidism hair loss would be to constantly check thyroid levels and keep consulting with a dermatologist. It has often been seen that hair loss can be minimized by simply detecting the problem early.

Check Thyroid levels

Furthermore, the dermatologist would be your best bet to get medication that is not exclusive to hyperthyroidism but also boost hair growth.

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Check For Thyroid Drugs

A lot of people who are already undergoing or taking medication for hyperthyroidism may be actually facing hair loss issues because of the wrong drug. It has been seen that those taking any kind of levoythyroxine, but still suffering from hair loss woes need an alternative medication.


It can also be that the prolonged use of a drug may be triggering hair loss, rather than hyperthyroidism itself. It has been seen that the wrong drugs not only prolong the issue of hair loss, but really only deal with the issue of hyperthyroidism and not its side effects.


Hyperthyroidism may also cause acute hair loss if it is accompanied with menstrual cycle issues, which are again a side effect of this disease. Irregular periods are caused by hyperthyroidism and this in turn leads to hair loss. So it is suggested that along with medication for hair loss you also get your menstrual cycle back on track with regular yoga and exercises.

Exercise for hypothyrodism

This combined with right medication will not only treat your thyroid issues, but help release toxins and hasten the procedure of cell regeneration.  Hyperthyroidism also leads to drastic weight changes and exercising on a regular basis, especially walking has helps to keep the same in check. This in turn promotes healthy growth of hair too as cells work faster.


Another factor that leads to excessive hair loss during this disease is the lack of a good diet. Often individuals are so focused on treating the issue of weight fluctuation caused by hormones that they opt for drastic or crash diets. This in turn results in havoc for the hair.

Ideal diet to prevent hypothyrodism hair loss

What you should do is eat a diet rich in iron, zinc and other minerals to help balance weight gain and also prevent hair loss, which is caused because of the lack of these nutrients rather than hyperthyroidism.

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