How To Begin A Healthy Hair Care Journey With Relaxed Hair

Tips To get healthy hair Everyone desire beautiful hair, for hair is now a statement of style and personality. We often go to extreme length to achieve the most shiny and lustrous tresses, but under this shine slowly hides a dark truth of hair damage. Changing life style, unhealthy food habits, excessive styling, pollution, stress etc. are all major contributor to hair damage.

Hair fall, rough texture, brittleness, dryness etc. comes along as a sign of damage. But, the way to rescue your hair from these damages are some simple hair care techniques which if practiced in every day routine can do wonders for your hairs. To make your hair strong and healthy we need to protect hair from different type damages, moisturize it and provide proper nutrition to avoid bad hair days!

Ways To Get Healthy Hair

Be Protective To Your Hairs

It is hard to believe but comb and manner of combing can be one possible reason to damage hair physically. Sometimes by combing too harshly to get rid of knots we are mechanically stressing the hair making them susceptible to breakage. Use of wide toothed comb is a better option to get those free falling knot free tresses. Wet combing should be avoided as wet hair has more elasticity due to absorption of water hence they tend to break easily.

Choose Hair Friendly Products

There are numerous hair care products to choose from but your selection should meet the requirements of your hair type. Choose the one which have ph balance suitable for your hair. Go for herbal products as they are gentle on your hair with lesser chances of side effects.

Let Your Hair Free!

Excessive use of heated styling tools like curling irons and dryers also serve as causers of hair damage. Limiting their use can also limit hair damage. Use of styling products that uses cuticle coaters like silicone can shield the hair from thermal damage to a certain extent. Let the hair dry naturally, tousle dry your hair with fingers to smooth out the knots. Avoid jerking and rubbing your hair too hardly with towel as they make cuticle rough.

Less Style,More Strength

Too much styling, coloring, applying dyes negatively affect health of hair. As these products contains chemicals which often do not respond well with the sun rays thus resulting in rough texture of hair and other hair problems.

Splash Some Water For Those Healthy Locks

Just like our body, water is also a constituent of hair along with protein. Water keeps hair healthy, shiny, silky and soft. Without sufficient moisture hair shaft becomes weak and brittle and tends to fall. Use of conditioner helps the hair to lock the moisture within leaving the cuticle smooth and soft.

Gently Massage

Healthy Hair

Regular massage with oils like almond oil, coconut oil, olive oil etc. also hydrates and nourishes the scalp. It improves circulation in the scalp which is necessary to secrete natural oils and also provide oxygen to the growing hair.

Get Some Food For Your Hair!

Hair gets its nutrition not only from the products applied on it to help it heal from damage but the key to healthy hair is a healthy diet. Thus our food should contain all the essential nutrients which are required for the healthy growth of hairs. As our body requirement of nutrients is met through our diet, our hair must have their share too!

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Food For Hair Should Have Following Nutrients

Essential fatty acid- Omega-3 fatty acids are necessary for the overall health of the scalp. It is required for the healthy skin, hair and nails and found in fatty fishes like salmon fish, flax seed oil, walnut almond etc.

Vitamin B5

It prevents loss of hair and also delays graying hairs.

Vitamin B6

Get Healthy Hair

Found in spinach another super food for hair as it also contains vitamin A and C which produce sebum, a natural conditioner.


Since proteins are the building blocks of hair, a protein rich diet is required for strong hairs without split ends. Mineral like Zinc and  Magnesium

Sapna Chaurasia