How to Brighten Up Dull Hair

dull hair Having a dull lifeless hair doesn’t just make it difficult for you to look better but it will add to the daily stress and time required to get it right just so that you can keep your chin up.

Managing hair can be either as easy as zero effort required or as complicated as needing more than a few hours work depending on your awareness. Added to that are the tensions in mind and consequently in the body that inhibit the healthy nourishment and maintenance of your hair. Here are some tips and useful solutions to brighten up your dull hair.

Ways To Bright Dull Hair

Oil Therapy

Oil is the magic ingredient for the brightness of both skin and hair. Slightly apply oil to your hair before you go to bed or for an hour in the morning before washing your hair.

hot oil treatment

This helps restore the pH value of your hair and makes it easier for it to restore its health. You can use coconut oil, almond oil or any essential oils added to a base oil. You can also try warming the oil a little and massaging into your scalp and hair.

After Shower Care

After shower care always determines whether or not you are going to have a bad hair day. Finish your bath early so that you will have enough time to care for your hair. Use your towel to remove all the excess dripping water off the hair.

aftter shower

Then instead of blow drying your hair, run fingers through your hair to get it aligned and wrap your just wet hair in a thick cottony towel and wait for an hour or so while you finish your breakfast or any other work you have that morning. This creates a humid environment for your hair to get moisturized. Now brush your hair dry and if you are in a hurry use a table fan instead.

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Control Exposure

Chemicals, sun, hard water, dyes, styling products and tools all contribute to hair damage when frequently used without any intervals for recovery. Make sure the hair products you use are from trusted brands and are approved if you need to style your hair often.

hat for hair protection

Also, if you need to wash your hair daily find milder shampoos so that they will remove the day’s sweat and dirt but are not strong enough to strip your hair of moisture and natural oils. If you live in harsh climatic areas try wearing a hat, cap or something that can cover your hair and protect it from the sun and pollution.

Exercise And Massage

Another important reason for the hair to be lifeless is lack of proper blood supply. People with a sedentary lifestyle and those with too much on their mind who find it difficult to relax their body are more prone to push it into producing stress hormones.

massage  hair care

Since the body is designed to sustain itself first energy and nourishment is directed to deal with the stress. So your hair would be the last thing your body wants to take care of. Exercising and giving your scalp, face and neck area regular relaxation massages will force the blood to circulate better and thus nourish your hair.

Athena Manchi