How To Care For Afro Hair

afro hair Afro hair is the most challenging hair which women can sport. This kind of hair hence needs the proper attitude and style to be carried off. One more interesting aspect about afro hair is the intricacy involved in styling it.

Ranging from crimped up bobs to corn rowed patterns and intricate mini braids, afro hairstyles are amazing to look at but require a great deal of maintenance.  It is hence necessary that that these hairstyles are maintained and taken care of from time to time to avoid damaging the hair. Here are five great tips to follow if you wish to care of your afro hair.

Hair Care Tips For Afro Hair

Combing And Detangling 

Combing and detangling the hair is a very integral part of any hair care regimen. Afro hair actually consists of thick hair hence brushing it might sound like an easy and less time consuming process, however, use wide toothed combs to comb your hair as excessive brushing breaks the hair mid way and not from the scalp, leading to uneven strands of hair.


Do not use brushes which have plastic bristles or thin combs as they can get stuck in the hair and break as afro hair is very thick and voluminous. Also do not comb your hair ten times a day as it may lead to damaging the hair due to excessive friction and make break the hair strands, instead comb your hair twice or thrice everyday and for detangling , first dampen your hair and then proceed to detangle it.

Shampooing And Conditioning 

Shampooing is a very important part of cleansing your afro hair. Always deep condition it after shampooing as afro hair is thick and needs conditioning to make it smooth.

shampooing afro hair

Use natural or organic shampoos and avoid chemical hair products. Also shampoo and condition every three to five days and finish it off with a light leave in conditioner. 

Cut Down On Heated Hair Treatments 

Heated hair treatments like curling and straightening spoil the hair especially afro hair which has the tendency to get frizzy and rough. Hence, always apply a good hair product before opting to undergo any heat treatment which will protect the hair. Also, do not regularly get your hair straightened or curled. Once or twice a month occasionally is fine.

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Change Your Hair Care Regimen 

A good hair care regimen consists of protecting your hair both during the night and during the day. While going to bed, cover your hair gently with a scarf to prevent breakage of hair.


During the day, apply a good sun screen to your hair before going out as the sun light can damage your hair to a great extent. Note, oiling and massaging your hair a few times a week also helps in providing moisture to the hair. 

Choose Appropriate Hairstyles 

Choose an appropriate hairstyle which will suit your hair and will maintain the quality of your hair. If you have thick hair you can go for styles such as a corn rowing your hair or braiding it. If you have thin hair, go for a hairstyle which will add volume to the hair and make it look healthy like mini braiding your hair or sporting an afro bob.