How To Care For Combination Hair

Combination hair care Combination hair can be really difficult to deal with. Combination hair refers to a mixture of dry hair and oily scalp.

Therefore, hair care tips for combination hair should focus on reducing the production of oil from the scalp, and keep the hair well moisturized. Let us here discuss about a few effective hair care tips to deal with combination hair type.

Hair Care Tips For Combination Hair

Lukewarm Water

Combination hair type should be washed with lukewarm water twice or thrice in a week. This would help in controlling over production of oil and would also not allow the hair to become dry.

PH Balanced Hair Shampoo

Caring Combination hair

People with combination hair type should make use of pH balanced hair shampoo to get rid of excessive oil from the scalp, without the risk of causing hair dryness. Also, it is advised to refrain from washing the hair on a daily basis. Washing the hair daily causes loss of natural moisture, consequently making the hair dry and rough.

Light Hair Conditioner

A light moisturizing conditioner should be used on the hair ends to get rid of dryness. However, it is strongly recommended not to use the conditioner on the scalp. The use of conditioner on the scalp would result in production of more oil, and should be therefore avoided.

Jojoba Oil Massage

Care for combination hair

In order to get rid of dryness from the hair ends, it is advised to use jojoba oil. However, while you apply the oil on the hair, make sure to keep it away from the scalp, so that the oil or sebum production is kept under control.


You need to pay attention to the type of foods you eat on regular basis, if you want your combination hair to remain in good health. A very important diet aspect is to increase the amount of water intake in daily routine. This would help in fighting with hair dryness by keeping the hair properly hydrated.

Further, you need to include all kinds of healthy food products like green vegetables and fresh fruits in regular diet, so that the hair attains required nutrients to keep in good health. This would also help in maintaining adequate moisture level of the hair. Further, in order to restrict the oil production, you need to quit the consumption of alcohol and follow a healthy lifestyle.

Avoid Heat

It is strongly recommended to avoid the exposure of hair to heat from styling equipments like curling iron, blow dryer and flat iron. This heat causes hair dryness, and makes the hair weak. Therefore, opt for natural hair styling methods rather than opting for heat generating hair styling equipments.

The heat from the sun is also very harmful for the health of the hair. In order to prevent hair dryness due to sun’s heat, you need to use sunscreen based hair conditioner.

All the aforementioned hair care tips are considered to be very effective with respect to combination hair type, and would really help in maintaining the health and vitality of the hair.