How To Care For Long Grey Hair


Long grey hair care Do you have grey hair? Are you worried about the condition of your hair? Do you feel that grey hair is the sign of ageing? In reality, you need not worry about your grey hair at all! There are many people who willingly go for grey colored streaks in their hair.

So, instead of worrying about the grey hair, it is important that you make them look beautiful and healthy. People with long grey hair should not worry and make a note of the following tips to keep their grey locks in healthy condition.



Tips To Take Care Of Long Grey Hair

The hair care tips given hereunder would help in maintaining adequate health of long grey hair:

Choose Appropriate Shampoo And Conditioner

The shampoo and conditioner that you choose should be specifically formulated for grey or silver hair. It is natural for grey hair to attain a yellow color over a period of time.

Use of adequate hair care products would help in maintaining the brightness of the hair while countertrading the yellowish tint. You can even add a small amount of your clarifying shampoo and conditioner to regularly used shampoo and conditioner to take care of long grey locks.

Deep Condition The Hair Regularly

People with grey hair should deep condition their hair at last once in a week. An individual can either choose a commercial deep conditioner or can make a deep conditioning hair mask at home by combining together avocado pulp and honey. A mask made of mayonnaise would also work wonders for the hair.

Long grey hair care

The hair would be covered with a plastic cap after the application of the mask. The mask should be allowed to stay on the hair for around an hour before rinsing it off with water. Regular deep conditioning treatment would keep long grey hair in good health.

Clear Hair Gloss

Making use of clear gloss on the hair would help in improving the shine and luster of grey hair. Due to absence of color deposit in the clear gloss, the tone of the grey hair would be maintained, and the hair would appear beautiful.

Avoid Heat Exposure

Grey hair tend to become dry easily. Therefore, it is important not to stress the grey hair too much. Over stressing might make the hair brittle and rough. Exposing the hair to heat causes lot of stress on the hair, and therefore it is very important to restrict the exposure of hair to heat generated from styling equipments like curling iron, flat iron, straightening rod and blow dryer.

Regular Hair Trimming

In order to keep long grey hair in good health, it is essential to go for regular hair trimming. The hair gets damaged if they are not trimmed on regular basis. Split ends occur in the hair due to irregular trimming of the hair. These split ends make the hair dry and weak. Therefore, it is very important to get the hair trimmed at least once in two months, so that long grey hair remain healthy and strong.