How To Deep Condition Damaged Hair

Deep Condition Hair Women are very fond of using chemically enriched hair products and hair styling equipments to augment the look of the hair. However, while trying to enhance the beauty of the hair, they forget the side effects which can occur due to exposure of the hair to heat and chemicals. The hair may become weak, dry and rough due to regular use of heat and chemicals on the hair.

In order to deal with damaged hair, there are several products available in the market. However, there is no guarantee whether these products would suit your hair and give the desired results. In such a scenario, it is better to opt for natural treatments. You can make use of homemade deep conditioning treatments to deal with damaged hair. The homemade treatments are not expensive and do not have side effects. They are the safest and best ways to deal with hair damage issue. Let us here discuss about ways to deep condition damaged hair.

Steps to Deep Condition Damaged Hair

The following steps would help in deep conditioning the hair effectively:

Wash The Hair With Shampoo

The first step is to clean your hair properly. Make use of clarifying shampoo to wash your hair. Use of clarifying shampoo would help in getting rid of entire buildup in the hair, caused due to the exposure of the hair to environmental pollution and styling products. The use of clarifying shampoo should be limited to only once a week, as frequent use of it would make the hair dry.

Deep Condition Hair

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Get Rid Of Tangles

The next step should be to get rid of tangles in the hair. A comb with wide teeth should be used for this process.

Steps to deep condition hair

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Apply Deep Conditioner

Now comes the turn of deep conditioning the hair. Though, you can make use of commercially available deep conditioners; however, it is advised to go for natural homemade deep conditioners for effective results. Mayonnaise works as a very good deep conditioner for the hair.

Steps to deep condition

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You can also make use of a mix of honey and avocado pulp to deep condition the hair. Make sure to apply the conditioner properly on the hair ends, as these are highly damaging areas. Once the entire head is properly covered with the deep conditioner, you should cover the hair with a plastic cap or shower cap. Let the hair remain in covered state for around two hours.

Rinse The Hair

The last step is to rinse the hair properly with cold water. Do not make use of hot water for hair rinsing process. The use of hot water would tend to dry out the hair and make the hair rough. Use of cold water for hair rinsing process would maintain the health of the hair and help in imparting shine and luster to the hair.

Steps to deep condition hair

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If an individual follows the aforementioned tips properly, the health of the hair would be improved and the damaged hair would become soft, smooth and lustrous. The deep conditioning treatment should be provided to the hair once in a week to attain healthy and damage free hair.

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