How To Deep Condition Dry Hair

Deep Condition Dry Hair Dry hair looks dull and rough. The problem of dry hair occurs due to lack of moisture in the hair. It is essentially important to keep the hair properly moisturized, so that the hair looks soft, smooth and beautiful. With the help of providing deep conditioning treatment to the hair, the problem of dry hair can be dealt in an effective way.

Deep conditioners are enriched with hydrating and moisturizing ingredients, which penetrate the hair follicles, thus helping to improve the softness and smoothness of the hair.  It is suggested to provide deep conditioning treatment to dry hair once in a week to enhance the beauty of the hair and get rid of the problem of hair dryness.

You can make use of any of the commercially available deep conditioners for attaining smooth and silky hair which you always desired. However, commercial deep conditioners contain chemicals which may ruin the health of the hair at times. Therefore, it is advised to make use of homemade deep conditioners. A pack made of mayonnaise and avocado works as a very good deep conditioner for the hair. Let us here discuss how to deep condition dry hair with the help of mayonnaise and avocado.

Steps To Deep Condition Dry Hair

Cut the Avocado

First of all you need to cut an avocado in half and get rid of its seed.

Scoop Out The Avocado Flesh

The avocado flesh should then be removed with the help of a spoon. The flesh should be mashed until smooth.

Deep Conditioning Of Dry Hair

Combine Mayonnaise And Avocado

Thereafter, the avocado flesh and mayonnaise should be combined together and stirred until smooth.

Apply  The Pack On Hair

The mix should then be applied on the hair. Make sure to apply the pack of mayonnaise and avocado pulp properly on the hair, so that no dry spot is left on the hair.

deep conditioning of dry hair

Wash The Hair

The next step is to cover the hair with a shower cap. Allow the shower cap to stay on the hair for around twenty minutes, before rinsing the hair with water. Make sure to wash the hair properly, so that the entire mixture is properly removed from the hair.

Once the hair dries, you would be able to attain soft, smooth, silky and beautiful hair. Practice this treatment once in a week to see an improvement in the health of your hair. Apart from providing deep conditioning treatment to the hair, it is also suggested to keep the hair properly hydrated by drinking lot of water every day.

This would help in making dry hair soft and smooth. Also, it is strongly recommended to massage the scalp with olive oil on regular basis. Olive oil is moisturizing oil and massaging the scalp with this oil would help in making the hair properly moisturized, consequently helping to get rid of hair dryness. The massage process should be carried out at night and the hair washing process should be carried out the next day to improve the health, strength and beauty of hair.

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