How To Deep Condition Your Fine Hair


Deep condition hair treatment No matter how beautiful hair you have now, without proper care it is bound to damage with the passage of time. Even those who are born with healthy, thick tresses require proper hair care regimen. Apart from regular cleansing, what you always need is the deep conditioning. For thick and dry hair, deep conditioning on a weekly basis is a must do.

Keep in mind that there is a huge difference between a deep conditioning and daily conditioning. Deep conditioning is a kind of repairing and restorative conditioning treatment for damaged hair. For the damaged hair follicle, daily conditioning after each shampoo does not help, unless you are treating it with regular deep conditioning.

Deep Condition Treatment For Fine Hair

Importance Of Deep Conditioning

Conditioning helps in maintaining the health of your hair. After each shampoo the hair follicle gets opened, which helps in deep cleansing thoroughly. However, these follicles are required to be closed, so that no dirt and grime are deposited in the roots. Conditioning helps in closing the hair cuticles and at the same time maintains the pH balance of the hair.

Moreover, your hair is exposed to extreme pollution and sun when you go out. It makes your hair dry and frizzy. Proper conditioning replenishes the lost moisture to the exterior part of the hair. Apart from these, deep conditioning provides the required nutrients and essential protein to the hair’s cortex. But, make sure that you are using adequate quantity of heat source to open the pores and cuticles properly. With opened hair follicles, the conditioner can nourish, saturate and condition each hair.

Here is a simple method of deep conditioning your hair. Take a look:

Apply Conditioner On Clean Hair

Deep condition fine hair

Before applying conditioner, make sure that your hair is clean. If possible, shampoo your hair thoroughly before conditioning it. Pour adequate quantity of conditioner on your palm and apply it thoroughly onto your hair. Once you lather the conditioner on your entire hair, it’s time to provide sufficient quantity of heat on your hair.

Heat Your Hair Properly

For deep conditioning, proper amount of heat should be supplied to your hair follicle. For this purpose, the professionals use a bonnet style hair dryer. If you are doing at home, you can use conditioning heat caps. You can also use a large towel for this. Wet a large towel and microwave it at adequate temperature. Once the towel is hot, wrap it in a turban style around your head.

You can choose any method to provide heat to your hair, but always wear a conditioning cap. It helps the heat to get concentrated on your hair and thus opens the hair follicles. It normally takes 20 minutes to absorb the entire amount of heat. If your hair is thick and have volume, you will need about 35 minutes for spreading the heat in your entire hair.

Allow Your Hair To Cool Down

After sufficient amount of time has elapsed, allow your hair to cool down before rinsing out the conditioner. Open the conditioning cap and expose your hair to the normal temperature for 10 to 15 minutes. Keep in mind that cooling down your hair is important, or else the cuticles will remain open. After the cool down period, rinse away the conditioner properly with water. If possible, put your head under shower. This will help you to rinse out your hair properly.

Dry Your Hair

After rinsing out the conditioner, it’s important to dry the hair. Wrap around your hair with a dry towel to soak the excess water. You can also use hair dryer to dry your hair. However, excessive use of hair dryer can damage your hair.

Those who have chemically straightened or coloured their hair, should do deep conditioning treatment on a regular basis.