How To Deep Condition Your Hair Using Olive Oil


How to Deep Condition Your Hair Using Olive OilAt times your hair can become dry, brittle and unmanageable especially when your hair undergoes excess of styling with heat sources like curling and straightening. Whenever you face this kind of problem, it is recommended to go for a deep conditioning treatment. Olive oil is great for deep conditioning your hair and best for all hair types as well.

Olive oil is considered to be one of the best moisturizing natural oils, as it helps in regaining the moisture and gives the required protein to your hair shaft.

Some Ways to Deep Condition Your Hair Using Olive Oil

See that Your Hair is Dry

Olive oil works best on dry hair, as dry hair acts like a sponge and absorbs oil easily whereas if you put olive oil on wet hair it does not penetrate well.

Grab Your Olive Oil Bottle

Pour the required amount of extra virgin olive oil in a small bowl (the amount of olive oil used depends on the length of your hair). Comb your hair to free it from tangles and apply the oil on your hair in sections. This will help the olive oil to spread properly and see that every piece of hair is covered from root to tip.

Get Your Completely Saturated in Olive Oil

Yes, I know it’s going to be a bit greasy and oily, but nevertheless the end result would be wonderful. Massage your hair well, this will not only help your hair but also give you a relaxed feeling. Once your hair is drenched in olive oil take a clip and tie it in a bun.

Time for Some Deep Conditioning

There are various ways you can deep condition, some of which are:

The Shower Cap Process

How to Deep Condition Your Hair Using Olive Oil


If you are in a hurry then take a shower car and cover hair with it. This will help the olive oil to penetrate fast and condition your hair by trapping the heat to exit out of your head. This heat will further open up your hair cuticle and shaft for better penetrating of the oil.

The Blow Dry Process

If you use want some more of conditioning you can go for this process. Cover your hair with a shower cap and then blow dry it with a hair drier for not more than 5 minutes. This will give the extra heat your hair wants for the oil to get in deeply in your hair and moisture your hair.

The Towel Process

In this process you can dip your towel in a hot water tub and squeeze it till all the water is removed and then wrap it over your head. Keep this for at least half an hour, by doing this it heat will moisten your hair and help the oil to penetrate quickly through the hair. This is the most effective way of deep conditioning your hair.

Wash, Shampoo and Condition

Once all the heat cools down, wash it with your regular shampoo. It may take several washes to get rid of all the oil. It is not necessary that you apply a conditioner as the olive oil will already soften your hair. But if you want you can condition further.

The olive oil will soften your hair and make it healthy all over again. Your hair will look soft, smooth and silky once you dry it.

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