How To Detangle Matted Hair

Detangle Matted Hair Matted hair is an issue faced by not just the curlies, but straight haired girls can also get into this muddle. When the hair is not combed regularly and when natural shedding of hair is ceased, the hair becomes a knotted mass. Sometimes during surgery the uncut hair on the head remains untouched for weeks, which can later turn into a tangled mess.

Chopping off your hair is not the only solution to get rid of the matted hair. It can be detangled without reaching for scissors too. Yes it takes patience and time; you might loose some hair in the process too. But all is worth at the end; you are free from the knotted, entangled tresses. Read further to find out about the ways in which you can do away with the stubborn matted hair.

Different Ways Of Detangling Matted Mair

There are various means and ways to get rid of the tangled and matted hair. Dry detangling method, conditioner soak method, detangling using generous amount of detangler, water and oil treatment method etc. Last and the ultimate solution, if nothing works out would be to reach out to a professional hairstylist who can assess the condition of your hair and suggest suitable action. Here we will look into the details of detangling matted hair using water and oil treatment.

Water And Oil Treatment To Detangle Matted Hair

Water and oil treatment can help you in detangling the knotted hair with ease. Like for any other method this method too requires time and patience to efficiently detangle the matted hair to get back your untangled healthy hair. Follow these below mentioned steps to unravel the tangled hair.

Wet The Hair

Wet The Hair

To start the detangling process, wet your hair lightly. You can stand under the shower for a few seconds or use spray to wet your hair. In any case strictly avoid soaking your hair in water and shampooing before detangling. It can only worsen the situation as the tangled mass can shrink and become a massive lock on the head.

Apply Oil On To The Hair

Applying oil makes it easy for the tangles to loosen up and slip. Use coconut oil, olive oil or baby oil and apply over the matted portion and surrounding area. Divide the hair by center parting, and start applying oil to smaller portions and creating further sub sections by finger combing.

oil treatment

Clip each small portion and put a conditioning cap around the head and allow the hair to soak oil for few hours. Allowing the oil to sit for sometime loosens the knots and will be easy for combing.

Combing The Hair

Next and the final step would be combing the oil soaked hair. Take a wide toothed comb and start combing each section from end to the roots. Yes here we are following the opposite of the conventional combing. Since the tips of the hair are detangled already, it will be easier to move upwards gradually.

Combing The Hair

Keep combing with your fingers as you detangle the matted hair with comb. There is no need to pull the comb all the way through from root to tip. Comb slowly with each section removing the shredded hair off the comb. Complete all the sections similarly.