How To Do A Spanish Updo Wedding Hairstyle

Spanish Updo Wedding Hairstyle Wedding is one of the most important events and every girl wants to look perfect on the day. If you are considering a theme for your wedding then opt for a grand Spanish wedding.

For people checking into a Spanish wedding theme, remember that you also need to dress for the occasion-that is, from head to toe you must look like a quintessential Spanish bride. To complete the look, you must understand that apart from the gown and the jewelry, you must also opt for a perfect Spanish updo that will contribute to your big fat Spanish wedding.

A classic Spanish updo is all about pulling back the hair into a high updo where the curls are organized together along with cascading ringlets. No Spanish bridal updo is complete without ringlets and tiara.

Steps For Doing A Perfect Spanish Updo Hairstyle

For all those who are looking into perfecting the Spanish updo for their wedding, here is a instructional guide that will help you achieve your goal with flying colors.

Wash And Condition

Prevent Hair loss

Start the styling by washing the hair with a mild shampoo. Follow it up by conditioning the hair. Once the hair is clean, apply a curl-enhancing mousse that is applied on the length of strand instead of the roots. Next, use a diffuser while blow drying the hair-this helps in enhancing the natural curls of your hair.

Split The Hair

Next step is to section the hair from one ear to the other. This can be done by creating an even line around the ear to ear. Once you are happy with the sections, gather around 1/4th section at the top of the head together and create a side part. Smoothen the hair by applying gel and while doing so pull back the hair and secure it into a ponytail using elastic bands and bobby pins.

Pinning The Hair

Pinning The Hair

Once you have secured the 1/4th part of your hair, extend the side part through the section and pin the rest of the hair into a gathered scrunch using a gel or serum.

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Separate The Hair

Next, separate the secured hair into two sections. Apply styling gel into each of the sections and wrap it around heated rollers. Pin each roller with pins and leave it on for approximately 20 minutes.


curling the hair

Once the rollers are set, use a small barrel curler to curl the bottom half of the loose hair. You can also use small hot rollers instead of a curler. Once done, use your fingers to gently separate the set curls. This adds motion to the curls and makes it look natural.

As for the bog rollers, remove them and leave the curls intact. Do not unravel them because you need your rolls for the updo. Set these curlers by spritzing the hair a strong-hold hairspray.


End your styling as a Spanish bride by adding a tiara at the crown-right infront of the curls. One can use sparkly hair pins to decorate the updo. This will make your Spanish hairdo perfect for the occasion.