How To Enhance & Care For Grey Hair


Take care of grey hair Grey hair also has its own beauty. You can look stunning and fabulous with your beautiful grey hair. Generally when we grow old, our hair become grey. Grey hair, like all other hair types, too need some extra care to remain beautiful and attractive. This article will give you some tips on how you’ll take care of your grey hair.

Tips To Take Care Of Your Grey Hair

Keep Your Hair Short

It is better to keep your grey hair short because short hair is easy to maintain. The hairstyles those go best with grey hair are classical bob or layers. Which style you may have you need to trim your hair at least once in every six weeks because dead and brittle or split ends make grey hair look unattractive. Moreover, regular trimming of hair add some volume in your hair visually.

Grey Hairs

Daily Care

You need to shampoo your hair daily. Buy mild shampoo for your hair. The hair goes dry when we grow old. Even the people who had oily hair in their youth need mild and normal shampoo for their hair to avoid from getting dry. Do not forget to apply conditioner after shampoo. Conditioner keeps grey hair shiny and under control. If you do not use conditioner every time you shampoo, it will look dry and frizzy.

Buy Protein Based Shampoo And Conditioner

Always use protein based shampoo and conditioner for your grey hair because protein conditioner smooths the damaged cuticle of the hair and gives it a smooth finish.

Hot Oil Massage

You need a weekly hot oil massage on your hair. Mix olive oil and almond oil in 1:1 ratio in a container and place that on hot water. When the oil gets warm, massage that on your scalp and hair in a round about way. Leave it for an hour or two and then shampoo your hair with mild shampoo.

Weekly Hair Mask

Graying of hair is actually when we lose melanin. For this reason graying of hair looks thin. To make them thick oil treatment before shampoo, application of conditioner after shampoo and frequent application of hair mask on your hair are needed. Beat one egg and mix honey in it.

Apply the mixture on your hair. Leave it to get dry and then shampoo your hair. Mix some lemon juice in chickpea powder. Make a smooth paste with the help of water. Apply that on your hair. After one hour wash with plain water. Lemon juice also works as bleach and removes yellowish tinge of hair that may cause due to overexposure in sunshine or for ill health.

Use Umbrella, Hat and Cap

Always use umbrella, hat or cap to cover your grey hair when you are out in the sun at day time. Scorching heat and the glare of sunshine is damaging for your grey hair. It discolors your hair, make it brittle and damages the natural silvery shine of the shampoo.

Use Violet Or Clarifying Shampoo

To enhance the grey of hair use violet shampoo or clarifying shampoo according to the color of the hair. For normal grey hair you need violet shampoo whereas hair with yellow tinge needs clarifying shampoo.

Follow these tips and have a gorgeous grey hair that is your pride and others’ envy.

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