How To Fight Hair Loss With Chemotherapy

Hair loss with chemotherapy

Hair loss with chemotherapyYou are sure to lose at least some hairs if not a lot if you are to fight cancer with chemotherapy. Hair fall is a very common side effect of chemo and the theside effect can range from hair thinning at small patches to total baldness depending upon the dose and type of chemo applied. It is just associated with hair loss from the head but you can lose hair from the other parts of your body as well. There are a number of ways of fighting chemotherapy.

Though none of the treatments are 100% effective, most of the following treatments have shown positive results. Below mentioned are some tips on how to fight hair loss with chemotherapy.

How To Fight Hair Loss With Chemotherapy


Using Rogaine

This medicine is recommended to most of the cancer patients who are fighting hair loss after chemo. A 2% solution of Rogaine is available in the drug store and applying it directly on the scalp though would not prevent total hair loss, but will encourage growth of hair to a great extent by speeding up the entire process. It is not a very cheap medicine and comes with side effects like minor itching and scalp irritation. A heart patient should consult a doctor before trying this medicine.

Scalp Hypothermia

Wearing a cold cap or ice cap during the treatment can prevent hair loss. This cools the scalp and prevents the blood to circulate in that area that is stops the blood from reaching the hair follicles.

Using cold caps(Scalp Hypothermia)

You would need to wear the cap at least 15 minutes before the treatment starts and may need to keep wearing it one to two hours after the treatment depending upon the type of chemo you receive. Since, the cap is very cold, everybody cannot tolerate the discomfort.


This medicine was developed from thymus gland extract by nine professors who were dermatologists, oncologists and gynaecologists primarily for patients undergoing chemotherapy. This medicine has been shown to prevent hair loss and its effect depends upon the stage of cancer and also the age of the patient. This medicine needs to be rubbed on the skin for preventing hair loss during chemotherapeutical treatment. This medicine can be ordered from the internet but consult your doctor before placing your order.


Burdock oil

Washing the hair with stinging nettle tea is also helpful. Make a mixture consisting of St. John’s Wort oil, burdock oil, borage oil and olive oil. Simmer the burdock roots in olive oil to make the burdock oil. Mix well and massage your scalp with this mixture everyday to fight hair loss. Apply this before shampooing hair. This would also improve the texture of the hair.

Apple and Fennel Juice

This is yet another effective natural way of fighting hair loss associated with chemo. Take half a glass of green Bramley apple juice and mix it with an equal quantity of fennel juice. 

Apple & funnel juice

Mix it with a glass of carrot juice and drink it every day while the treatment is going on. Eat melons every day as well. This would help in preventing hair loss to a great extent. Make sure your diet is rich in folic acid and you can even take folic acid supplements to prevent hair loss.

This article on how to fight hair loss with chemotherapy can be really useful for the cancer patients.