How To Fix Damaged Hair From Straightening

Fix Damaged Hair From Straightening Permanent straightening of hair can look wonderful but if you have ever gone through the process, you are well aware of it that the process damages the hair texture. Even frequent use of hair dryers and ironing tools can be detrimental for your hair texture.

But if the damage is already done, and you are facing bad hair days with dull and harsh looking strands then it is time to think of some solutions that can help you regain the look and feel of your hair.

Simple Solutions for Repairing Damaged Hair

Stop Straightening

The first step is to let your hair grow out and for that you need to stop straightening immediately. The use of chemical and heat is bad for the health of your hair, and if you want it to get better then let the damaged portions of the hair to grow out. Trim the ends on a weekly basis, particularly concentrating on the damaged portions.

Use the Correct Shampoo and Conditioner

Washing is not enough; you need to wash your hair with the extra protein shampoo and heat-activated moisturizing conditioner.

 damaged straightened hair

Also, use of leave-in conditioner is good for the hair as it moisturizes the hair throughout the day. Even if you are not shampooing everyday, make sure that you condition your hair everyday.

Protein Treatments

Damaged hair basically lacks in protein; therefore, getting protein treatments might help your recover in no time. There are innumerable protein treatment packages for damaged hair in the market; check and find the most suitable product for your hair and you are good to go. Always read the label carefully before buying; ignoring this can make things worse for your already straightened and damaged hair.

Deep Conditioning

We all known that regular conditioning and deep conditioning is a process where you use a thick hot towel over your hair that has been lathered with a conditioner. This process allows the conditioner to penetrate into the hair. After approximately 15-20 minutes, you can remove the towel and rinse off the conditioner with cold water.

repairing damaged hair

Done on a weekly basis, this will make your hair healthy in no time. If in case you do not want to use the warm towel, you can always comb the conditioner into the hair and let it get absorbed under the sun. This is a natural mode of deep conditioning and is as effective as a warm towel conditioning.

Essential Oils

One of the most popular and often the most effective mode of fixing damaged hair is use of essential oils such as jojoba, coconut, and cinnamon that promotes hair growth. All you need to do is massage these onto the scalp as regularly as possible and wait for the new hair to replace the damaged straightened hair.

Home Remedies

Using simple kitchen ingredients onto the scalp and the damaged hair can work wonders. One such home remedy for damaged hair features a mixture of egg yolks and olive oil. This can be used on wet hair and left for around 10 minutes. You must concentrate on the damaged portions. Once the time is over wash it off with a shampoo.