How To Get Hair Into A More Healthy Condition

Healthy hair just adds to your beauty. Short or long, straight or curly, hair should always look healthy and lustrous. There are so many beauty products in the market today, leaving us with so many options to make hair look more conditioned and nourished. The biggest worry of women is set their hair right for a party. But, healthy looking hair is in itself a fashion statement.

Considering how busy we all are, one should take out decent time to look after the health of our hair. Hair faces damage due to various reasons ranging from too many chemical treatments, applying hot iron and curlers or simply the dust that makes hair look dull.

Don’t wait for anything drastic to happen to your hair. Buckle up and take few measures to make it look healthy as ever. The best way to do it is to follow these simple tricks that would help to get rid of bad and weak hair and replace it with healthy looking, beautiful hair.

Tips To Get Healthy Hair

Wash Hair Well With Good Shampoo

The first thing one can do to make hair healthier is to wash all the dirt that may have accumulated during the day out in the heat. The pollution, heat of the sun and oily scalp makes hair dull and itchy. Use a shampoo that suits your hair type. There are shampoos for dry and oily hair.

Get Healthy Hair

It is important to know what ingredients your shampoo has. Avoid any harmful chemicals that can cause further damage. Washing hair in every two days is advisable. Regular shampooing simply takes away the natural oils that help hair to grow and repair. Always condition your hair after shampoo as doing so will boost hair repair and growth.

Say No To Hair Treatments And Equipments

No matter how nice your hair looks after ironing or curling, the damage it causes are tremendous. Not only the hair becomes dry and dull, it also becomes weak from the roots causing hair breakage eventually.

Blow drying too often has the same repercussions. Remember, too much heat for the hair is unacceptable. If you wish to straight or curl your hair, use anti-heat resistant hair creams to protect from getting damaged.

The heat of the sun is as damaging as styling equipments. Wear a hat from letting your hair become too oily and full of sweat. Once you are back home, follow the first tip, which is to wash hair with good shampoo and condition thereafter. Go for regular hair cuts or trimming. This would help you to get rid of split-ends, a major cause for slow hair growth.

Consume Healthy Foods To Make Hair Healthy

Who is a healthy man/woman? He/she is someone who follows a healthy diet containing fresh seasonal fruits and green vegetables. Include foods that provide all vitamins and minerals such as eat onions, carrots, potatoes, apricots and spinach.

Get Healthy Hair

They all provide certain type of vitamin required for overall health of the body including healthy hair and skin. Avoid too much caffeine as it dehydrates the system. Instead, drink plenty of water, green tea and fresh fruit and vegetable juices to detoxify the system. Healthy body leads to healthy hair.