How To Get Healthy Hair

healthy hair Everyone wishes to have perfect, healthy, and radiant hair for in a world where your hair defines who you are; flaunting well maintained hair is certainly a plus point. Today when the generation is exposed to a fast food diet and other unhealthy ways of living.

It is imperative that their hair does not get too damaged in the process as once your hair is damaged it is a very difficult process to get it back in its healthy condition. Here are five extremely useful tips which will help in protecting your lovely locks so that they remain healthy and undamaged.

Ways To Get Healthy Hair

Cleaning And Washing The Hair 

Hardcore chemical shampoos are hard on the hair as they contain chemicals which have the capacity of making the hair dull and lifeless by removing all the essential nutrients from the hair and hence drying the hair out. It was for the same reasons that one should not shampoo their hair daily, and should use a gentle shampoo which is mild and suits their type of hair.

shampooing hair

You can then apply a good conditioner thereafter so that the hair is thoroughly deep cleansed. Also note that while drying your hair, you can blow dry the hair gently or you can also pat and rub the towel lightly on your head so that water is soaked out.

Combing Tips 

Excessive brushing of the hair causes damage to the hair by breaking the hair because of the friction caused between the strands of the hair. One should instead use a wide toothed comb to gently comb through the hair and note that one should always work the way upwards from the roots to the tips of the hair.


Avoid harshly pulling or yanking the hair while detangling it. If your hair is dull and dry then you can also apply a good leave-in hair conditioner and then detangle your hair.

Oiling The Hair 

For healthy hair, it is vital that one applies various kinds of oils to the scalp and massages the scalp regularly to activate the hair follicles and to make the hair more lively and active.

oiling  hair

Warm coconut oil or olive oil can be massaged smoothly onto the scalp for a few minutes and then the oil is left on the head for a few hours after which it can be washed off by shampooing and conditioning the hair.

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Hair Care At Night 

Even while sleeping it is important that your hair is combed neatly and not kept loose as this can cause damage to the hair. Hence, before sleeping one can comb and detangle the hair and then gently twist or loosely braid the hair to keep the hair together. You can also cover your hair with the help of either a soft silk or a soft satin scarf to prevent the breakage of hair while sleeping.

Trimming The Hair

Trimming is a very important part of a good and healthy hair care regimen. Trimming helps in keeping the hair healthy by removing the split ends as the split ends are cut and the ends of the hair are thus freshly renewed.

trim your hair

Also note that one should never change their hair stylist often as the hair may get spoilt if new routines are applied to it daily instead of it benefitting from one proper hair care regimen.