How To Get Shiny Hair


Long, thick and shiny hair is the hallmark of good health. Strong, lustrous hair also indicates that you take good care of yourself inside out. A head full of shiny hair can enhance your personality. However, unless you are naturally blessed with good health which is reflected in your luminous hair and glowing skin it is not always easy to get those ‘die for’ glossy locks.

Don’t lose heart if you have tried umpteen hair care products, to get the kind of shiny hair which most celebrities sport, and have ended up with dry, lifeless looking hair. It’s not easy to sport lustrous locks all the time. But some simple secrets have been revealed in this article, which can help you to have radiantly glossy hair day after day.

Tips To Get Shiny Hair

Don’t Shampoo Every Single Day

Don’t shampoo your hair every single day, as it can damage your hair and leave it looking dry and lifeless. Most shampoos contain a cocktail of chemicals which can dry out the hair and strip the hair of natural oils. To make hair appear nice and shiny, wash your hair every other day.

Select Your Shampoo Wisely

select shampoo wisely

Never make the mistake of buying a shampoo off the shelf without examining the list of ingredients which have gone into making it. Shampoos which contain alcohol or too much fragrance can dry out the hair completely.

Don’t Wash Your Hair with Hot Water

A hot bath or shower can be extremely relaxing. But did you know that washing your hair with hot water can leave it severely dry and damaged. Hot water strips the hair of vital natural oils which gives hair that beautiful sheen. So, next time wash your hair with tepid water and see the difference.

Use Jojoba Oil


Hair care

Massaging the scalp with warm jojoba oil can give you high shine hair. Work a small amount of jojoba oil into your scalp and wash it off with your regular shampoo. The results are truly amazing.

Rinse Your Hair with Cold Water

Rinsing your hair with cold water after applying conditioner can leave the hair looking nice and shiny. Cold water helps to lock in the conditioner and this can give your hair a wonderfully glossy appearance.

Comb Wet Hair from Root to Tip

get shiny hair

To get lustrous locks, comb your hair from root to tip with a wide toothed comb while it is still wet. Remember to be extra gentle while combing wet hair as there are greater chances of hair breakage.

Take A Break From Styling Tools

If you feel you cannot face the world without coiffed hair, think again.  Beautifully groomed hair can definitely keep you in the spotlight. But excessive usage of styling tools like curling irons, blow dryers and ceramic straightens can leave your hair looking dry and lackluster. So, use styling tools sparingly and see how your hair turns glossy once again.

Pay Attention To Your Diet

Diet for shiny hair

Feed your hair inside out. That’s Right! To get shiny hair, pay close attention to your daily diet. Incorporate foods which are rich in vitamins like A, C, E, B6 and B12. Take multivitamin tablets which contains essential trace elements like silica as it can make your hair appear nice and shiny.


Lakshmi Unny Nair