How To Get Silky And Shiny Hair

How To Get Thicker Hair For Women

How To Get Thicker Hair For Women Hair is the most treasured asset for a woman. It is a dream of a woman to have perfect hair which has shine, bounce, texture, volume, the perfect colour and softness. It is easy to desire but hard to achieve this target of having those perfect locks. 

Colouring, ironing, straightening, curling are essential for a dressy look, but cause damages to the hair in more than one way. As said, nothing is impossible; here are some natural ways to get silky and shiny hair.

How To Get Silky And Shiny Hair


Eggs have high protein content and hydrating properties. It repairs damages and heals burnt pores caused due to hair styling. Application of egg yolk with egg white brings natural shine, lustre and softness to the hair.


It is also beneficial to make your hair become more manageable after shampoo if you have dry hair. It makes the hair stronger and less susceptible to damages of the sun as well.


Yogurt is a natural hair softener. For dry hair, application of yogurt is highly recommendable as it saves your scalp from becoming flaky and prone to dandruff.

Effective Hair Treatments At Home

It can be used in combination with lemon juice and other oils to make hair packs. It is a wonderful mask for deep conditioning and makes hair shiny. For women having curly hair, it works as a great detangle agent.


Massages are essential to remove old skin from the scalp and facilitate growth of hair. Deep conditioning aids hair growth and makes hair softer. The follicles become stronger as oil massages rejuvenates the skin and improves blood circulation on the scalp. Coconut Oil, Almond Oil, Lavender Oil, Mustard Oil can be used separately or in combinations for better looking hair.

Cold Water

No doubt it is always more refreshing to have a hot water bath, but as a tip for hair care, do rinse the hair with cold water before towelling it up into a turban.

Care for unmanageable hair

It helps close the pores that are otherwise widened by the hot water shower. Cold water also prevents moisture block on the scalp which is responsible for greasy hair and makes the shampoo last for a longer period with silky smooth hair.

Hair Masks

There are various natural herbs that can be combined to make masks, regular application of which makes the hair smooth and shiny. Amla(Indian Gooseberry) , reetha (Sapindus), bhringraj (Eclipta Alba), shikakai (Acacia Concinna) are various natural elements for hair softening. It gives bounce and lustre to hair of all kinds. Masks are essential for deep conditioning and should be rinsed of first with hot then cold water for best outputs.


Fruit Salad

Though it may sound unusual but fruits can be applied to hair in mashed form. Besides being good for the stomach fruits like banana, apple, papaya, coconut can be applied with combinations of yogurt, honey, lemon etc. to make the hair soft and shiny. They boost the volume of hair and also make hair straighter. Juices of aloe vera, barley, fenugreek etc. are also options to achieve silky hair.