How To Get Wavy Thick Hair

thick wavy hair To sport thick, wavy and healthy hair is every woman’s dream. To achieve thick wavy hair is a lot of effort and only the correct remedies and routines can help in getting the perfect thick and wavy hair look. Wavy hair falls between frizzy hair and totally curly hair.

Hence, at times it tends to become thin due to several causes such as poor hair care or an unhealthy diet, lack of water intake or even malnutrition and infection can reduce hair quality to a great extent. Hence, follow these four simple natural ways to get good, healthy and thick wavy hair.

Ways To Get Wavy Thick Hair

 Healthy Diet 

Maintaining a healthy diet is imperative to get thick and wavy hair and maintain the look too. A healthy diet ensures that your hair remains thick and strong and does not get damaged easily and throughout while an unhealthy and nutrition deficient diet causes your hair to break and thin itself out.

healthy diet

To maintain the quality of your hair include non-fried and protein rich foods to your diet. Also, ensure a healthy intake of water daily. Water gives shine and bounce to the hair and hence, gives body to the hair.

Combing Tips 

To get good thick and wavy hair, combing the hair is extremely important. Taking care of your hair includes combing your hair at least thrice daily and keeping it neat and clean and tangle free. Never dry brush your hair as it causes massive friction between the strands causing the hair to break and damaging the hair. Also, comb your hair when it’s damp like just after shampooing pat your hair dry and then try removing the tangles when the hair is slightly damp.

combing tips

Also, it is a myth that combing your hair hundred times a day makes the hair stronger and thicker; instead it causes more breakage and damage thus, avoid going to such extremes. While going to sleep, comb your hair, tie it in a bun so that in the morning the hair looks scrunched up and wavy .You can also braid the hair and sleep at night to get a more defined wavy look in the morning.

Scalp Massages 

Scalp massages are the best thing that ever happened to hair care and maintenance. Scalp massages consist of hot oil massages like avocado oil massages, olive oil massages, coconut oil massages and many more. These massages provide a lot of nutrition and nourishment to the hair and activate the roots of the hair hence making the hair grow faster, stronger and thicker.

Massage With Oil

Massage the scalp using the appropriate oil so that the massage locks the moisture in the hair and make it healthier and then wash it off after sometime using a good shampoo and conditioner.

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Maintain Good Hair Hygiene 


Maintaining good hair hygiene ensures that your hair remains thick and wavy and doesn’t thin out over time. Good hair hygiene includes, using a suitable shampoo with conditioner twice to thrice a week depending on your hair type which is for thick and wavy hair and combing your hair regularly and styling it properly without using an excessive amount of heat treatments like straightening irons and curling irons.