How To Grow Hair Faster

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Grow Hair Faster Does your hair grow achingly slow and doesn’t go beyond a certain length. If you want your hair to grow a little faster for you to get the desired length or lustrous hair like Rapunzel so it’s time to stop dreaming and get to work.

Long hair is what everyone loves but having a healthy one is also important. All you need is to follow the common rule to grow your hair long along with the patience that is a must.

How To Grow Hair Faster

Hair growth depends on the human tendency and doesn’t grow over night but the given method can give a boost to your growth so here’s the secret.

Tips To Grow Hair Faster

Stop Damaging Your Hair

Applying the tips comes secondary but the primary concern has to be stop damaging your hair and allow them to grow. Activities that you use for hair styling, like flat ironing, blow dryer, curling damages your hair badly.


If you wish to grow them the length you want, you have to give up on certain things like brushing your hair right after the bath, combing roughly to entangle, every day shampooing, a tight hairstyle etc. All these are the most common reason of your hair to go dull, dry and shed. If using a dryer is a must, make use of low setting and use it occasionally not everyday.

Eat a Balanced Diet

Protein is a must for hair growth, and all you need to take is the right amount. Hair is made of keratine while proteins are made of amino acids. For natural growth of hair you need to take a diet that produces more of amino acids. You can get healthy protein through sources like eggs, fish, beans, nuts, soya products etc. Adequate amount of zinc and iron is a must.


Deficiency of the two can lead to hair loss or slow growth. Iron is needed to import oxygen to the cells and to the hair follicles. Zinc is must for tissue repair and body growth while keeping the oil glands active. Good sources are lean meat, peanut butter, poultry, crab, oyster, soyabean and tofu. In case of deficiency you can take supplements but only at an advice of a health professional.

Fat and Vitamin, Both are Important

One has to be bothered about the fat your intake but do not cut it off completely. Without necessary fats you will not be able to maintain the health of your hair. Vitamins necessary for your hair growth are Vitamins A, D, E and K. make use of Omega 3 and unsaturated fatty acids.

vitamin c foods


Lack of vitamin C can lead to weak and dull hair as it is needed for building collagen, the fiber that is a must for hair growth. Rich source of Vitamin C are all citrus fruits like orange, pineapple, strawberries and vegetables like pepper, kale and broccoli. All this help build good cells for your hair and works internally.

Repair the Damage that has Been Already Done

It takes time to reverse the damage that has been already done. Start afresh with a trim and get rid of your dry and dead ends with split ends and leave the section that is healthy. Sounds difficult to lose length of your hair but there would be really no point keeping the one that are almost dead.

Keep It Natural As Far As Possible

Love the hair texture that your are born with and do not experiment too much with your hair. Color and hair styling procedures make use of chemicals that are too hard for the hair to bear. True that you have numerous products to deal with them but aren’t they chemical too. Repeated damage can leave your hair permanently damaged so keep away from straightening solutions, perm, ammonia, peroxide, BAQ, heena, honey lightening. However if you still want to experiment with the hair color protect your hair from peroxide with coconut oil.

Avoid Stress and Maintain Good Health

Stress level can increase due to various reasons and you can fight it with good food, regular exercise and important of all is enough sleep. Emotional and intense stress can slow down your hair growth and even lead to hair loss.

Regular Exercise

Dietary deficiency, extended fatigue, sleep deprivation etc can take away the nourishment from your hair. Get rid of those physical stressors like dietary supplements, over the counter medicines, hyperactivity and physical trauma. Hair loss can be the most common symptom and it’s time to make changes to your daily routine.

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Hair Protection from Saltwater, chlorine, Wind and Sun

Wet your hair with fresh water and apply some deep conditioner before you prepare yourself with the swim cap for a swimming session. Shampoo your hair immediately after the swim. Do not expose your hair to the sun for long, make use of UV protectant or simply cover it with a piece of cloth. While stepping out of the house if you feel that the weather is windy, tie your hair properly and use a scarf to cover because wind can cause tangle and later lead to split ends.

Minimize the Styling Damage

Hair style can also cause a lot of damage so keep it to the minimum, do not be harsh on your hair while combing, styling or braiding. It leads to hair damage like dullness, thinning and hair loss. Occasionally it’s fine but regular washing, conditioning, drying, styling and using various techniques can exacerbate hair damage.

Minimize the Styling Damage

Hair growth is a continuous process till a certain age but the damage cause it to grow slowly and takes a lot of time to bring back the natural health.

Increase the Flow of Blood with Exercise

You need to get your endorphins flowing and blood pumping to get beautiful long hair. Regular scalp massage is good for your hair and improves blood circulation that stimulates the follicles. If you choose o do this on regular basis there can be a sure boost in your hair growth.

Choose your Hair Care Products Wisely

Last but not the least, products that you use on your hair can make a lot of different to the structure of your hair. It is important to clean your hair and allow time for them to grow. Do not wash for more than 3-4 times a week. This will help you restore natural oils leaving healthy and strong hair. Oily hair needs to be washed frequently but do not over do it. Use coconut, almond, avocado, jojoba or olive oil for massaging your hair to minimize damage and it should be applied from the scalp of the head to the tip of the hair.