How To Grow Long, Thick, Straight, Shiny Hair

Get long and shiny hair The secret to long, straight, shiny and thick hair is healthy hair. If you maintain appropriate health of the hair, all other aspects would be automatically taken care of!

So, if you really want your hair to shine and look thick and beautiful, you need to follow a proper hair care routine. This article would give you a few effective hair care tips to get healthy and beautiful hair. 

Ways To Attain Long, Thick, Straight And Shiny Hair

Do Not Wash The Hair Daily

First of all, you should make sure not to wash the hair on daily basis. The natural moisture level of the hair gets lost due to daily washing, which makes the hair weak, dry and rough.

Deep Condition The Hair Once A Week

In order to maintain the shine and strength of the hair, it is strongly advised to deep condition the hair at least once in a week. Appropriate moisture level of the hair would be maintained with the help of regular deep conditioning.

Long and shiny hair

Also, the hair ends would not dry out if appropriate deep conditioning treatment is given every week. Health of the hair would be maintained and the hair growth process would be encouraged, with the help of adequate hair care through regular deep conditioning.

Make Use Of Leave In Conditioners

In case, your hair are very dry, leave in conditioners come as a great help. The hair would appear to be shiny and well moisturized with the help of application of this special conditioner.

Get Rid Of Split Ends

Get long and thick hair

Split ends in the hair do not allow the hair to grow properly, and cause hair dryness. It is important to get the hair ends trimmed at regular intervals, so that the formation of split ends in the hair is prevented. This would help in making the hair thick and healthy, and would boost up the hair growth process.

Avoid Hair Styling Equipments

Exposing the hair to heat causes hair dryness and hair fall. Health of the hair gets deteriorated due to regular exposure to heat generated from blow dryer, flat iron, straightening rod and curling iron. Therefore, the use of such equipments for hair styling purpose should be avoided. Try going for natural hair styling methods as far as possible.

Comb The Hair In A Gentle Manner

Get long and shiny hair

Do not make the mistake of combing the hair vigorously. Be very gentle with the hair combing process. Make use of wide toothed comb for the hair combing purpose. This would prevent hair fall, and would help in maintaining appropriate hair health.

Eat Healthy Foods

You should follow a healthy diet plan, which focuses on maximum intake of green vegetables and fresh fruits. Also, you need to incorporate cereals, whole grains, milk, soybean, fish, nuts and yogurt in regular diet, to feed the hair appropriately. Also, drink lot of water every day to maintain adequate moisture and hydration level of the hair. With the aid of following a well balanced diet plan, the hair would become thick, long, healthy and shiny.