How To Grow Out Hair In Six Months


Grow Out Hair

Do you have short hair? Do you want to have beautiful, healthy and long hair? Are you looking for some effective hair growth tips, which would help in attaining longer, thicker and beautiful hair within a time span of six months? If the answer to these questions is yes, then you have spotted the right destination!

Growing the hair long within six months can be possible if you take care of the nutrition needs of the scalp and prevent the exposure of the hair to heat and chemicals. Here follows a discussion on a few effective hair growth tips and tricks.

Tips For Growing Out Hair

Nutrition Needs Of Scalp

fruits and vegitables

The role of nutrition with respect to healthy and fast hair growth cannot be ignored. Food products such as milk, fish, green vegetables, fruits and cereals are good sources of all essential minerals and vitamins which are required for boosting up the hair growth process.

Scalp Nourishment 

Scalp Nourishment

Scalp nourishment is a very important hair care activity, which would effectively help in attaining thick, healthy and long hair within a time span of six months.You need to nourish the scalp every alternate day or at least twice in a week by way of massaging it with warm oil. This activity would help in improving flow of blood within the scalp and would also assist in promoting hair growth.

Deep Conditioning


Deep conditioning the hair every fortnight is one of the essential hair care activities, which would help in improving the health, strength and vitality of the hair. Homemade deep conditioner made by combining together honey and avocado pulp works very effectively to improve the health of the hair.The head should be properly covered with a shower cap after the application of deep conditioning pack. The hair should be washed after around an hour. Regular deep conditioning treatment would definitely be of immense assistance in stimulating the hair follicles for growth.

Preventing The Hair From Heat And Chemicals

Preventing The Hair From Heat

Preventing the exposure of hair to chemicals and heat would help in maintaining the health of the hair, thus augmenting hair growth and restricting hair loss. Heat generated from sun and hair styling equipments makes the hair dry and rough. This eventually leads to hair loss and restricts the process of hair growth.So, it is suggested to wear a hat before going out in sun. In order to prevent the hair from heat generated from styling equipments, you should apply heat protecting spray on the hair prior to the use of equipments. The best way is to completely avoid using such equipments on the hair, and try to style the hair naturally. Also you should avoid going for hair coloring or hair perming as these treatments involve the use of chemicals, which ruin the health of the hair and restrict hair growth.

Preventing Hair Loss

Preventing Hair Loss

Hair growth process can be speeded up with the help of preventing hair loss. With the help of taking proper care of already existing hair, you would be able to maintain the health of the hair and prevent hair loss.This would naturally help to augment hair growth. A few effective ways to prevent hair loss include eating healthy foods, avoiding combing the hair when wet, stimulating the scalp with warm oil massage from time to time and preventing the hair from exposure to heat.

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